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  1. To go Drag Pack or not?

    Hey one last question what type of tire were you running in the back?
  2. To go Drag Pack or not?

    Probably going to pull trigger soon, like you said not feeling confident enough to flog on the car is not a feeling I want to continue with.
  3. To go Drag Pack or not?

    What size tire are you running in the front?
  4. To go Drag Pack or not?

    Man that looks awesome, i truly think that is the direction I am going to go. Thanks for sharing
  5. To go Drag Pack or not?

    Ok staggered Or drag wheels, is that better?
  6. To go Drag Pack or not?

    It is so funny as your reply is exactly what I am doing with my car, it is a weekend car and that is what is pushing me towards the Welds. Do you have an pics with your car on the 20x9 and 17x10 setup? I am seriously thinking about doing the 20x8 and 17x10 set but would love to see what it...
  7. To go Drag Pack or not?

    I need some help, I am looking to get more tire under the car. Currently making 830rwhp with an A10. Currently have the Roush Flowform's 20x9.5 all the way around. Current rear tire is a Toyo R888R 285/35/20. I know I know 285 on a 20 wont hook. Car will not be making track visits, but do...
  8. RAPID RED S550 MUSTANG thread

    Some new pics my detailer got after the ceramic coating was finished. One with the jewelry box open
  9. Should I proceed/ HRE IPA Bronze on Rapid Red

    That pic is a huge help thanks.
  10. Should I proceed/ HRE IPA Bronze on Rapid Red

    Ok folks looking for help, should I change the setup. I am considering changing from the Roush Flowforms that are 20x9.5 all the way around to the HRE IPA Bronze with a 20 x 9.5 and 20 x 11 staggered setup. I have found a car on Vibe Motorsports that is sexy but just wanted to get thoughts...
  11. Best way to plant front end

    Man i am with you, my car is a RS2 and it had the strut tower brace but we had to remove it for the whipple. Dont want to drop the motor on new mounts so was thinkng k member, or chassis brace. Which lower brace did you go with?
  12. Best way to plant front end

    Thanks that makes sense, thinking about going adjustable sway bar and possibly changing to a 20x10 and 20x11 staggered setup. Need a little more traction than the 285 can handle.
  13. Best way to plant front end

    Sorry I made a mistake the rears are actually only 285/35 not 295.
  14. Best way to plant front end

    Ok guys I need some advice. Car is back from Paramount with plenty of power on tap. (832rwhp) But now I want to add a few items to plant the front end a little more. Not looking to road race it but want to pull the floaty feeling out. Car does have magneride and is currently on 20x9.5 with...
  15. Light Bar or no Light Bar

    I wish it was electric. :frown: It is just attached via wingbolts to the car but the two outer pieces are able to be removed and can be stored in the trunk, the middle sections can stay and the top will go up over them. The wind is better for sure!!
  16. Light Bar or no Light Bar

    Well decided to go a different route instead of the light bar. I love how it turned out.
  17. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Lol yeah I Yes it is a Roush but only a S2 and just decided to go Whipple over the Roush blower. I know the die hard Roush guys will probably be upset but with the results we got I for sure am happy with the choice.
  18. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Well car is out of the shop and is more than I could have hoped for. Paramount Speed was amazing and the car runs and drives almost just like it did when it was stock with just a little more power. :giggle:
  19. The whipple wait

    I had a buddy suggest TPS Motorsports as they had some in stock. I ordered mine Nov 15 and they had it Powder Coated and shipped by Dec 20th. Not sure but they may still have some in stock.
  20. Convertible car cover?

    I just bought a Coverking Modastretch but have not received it yet nor used it yet but will for sure update once I get car back home.