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  1. Wide/Narrow or square shaped rear number plate?

    So you can get Whatever shape number plate you want? I would have thought the choice of shape would depend on the shape of the number plate???
  2. Correct Push Pins 4 Radiator Shroud

    Measure the hole you need to put the pin in. That kit has 8mm and 10mm pins. As long as the hole size is right they should work. They're really not that critical and if they don't look exactly like what Ford uses just replace them all.
  3. [Noob] How to find spare parts for the car?

    Don't you have auto parts stores where you live? That doesn't have to be a dealer part. The last two I've gotten (for 2 different cars) have been from the corner parts store. They have worked well with no failures.
  4. Charging question

    Vlad is right, 12.xV is not necessarily bad. Here's a decent article that explains. And the chart from the article. Of course if the 12.x V is while the car is running you have other things to worry about.
  5. Charging question

    Most bi directional scan tools will do the BMS reset as well.
  6. 2021 PP Front Bumper Question with pics

    YouTube is your friend. It doesn't look all that difficult.
  7. Anyone Get a Drive Mode Inop after Battery Change?

    Well, you made two changes that could possibly cause that message. Of the two I would suspect the throttle controller first. I guess it's remotely possible to be the battery but I think it pretty unlikely. Did you do the BMS reset when you replaced the battery?
  8. Headliner gap after new windshield

    True story for your enjoyment... I was reading this and thought I should go check to see if I have a gap there. Then I remembered I have a convertible. I think senility may be setting in...
  9. Leather drivers seat too soft and bottoming out

    Maybe, maybe not. Automotive upholstery work is not cheap. I'd bet a shop would charge at least $250 for it. If the OP were to get the seats I suggested it would probably take less than an hour to swap drivers seats and then resell the rest with his old drivers seat. I could conceivably see...
  10. Leather drivers seat too soft and bottoming out

    Here's a complete set, 8k miles on them. $900 complete. Use what you need and resell the rest. Probably could break even or make a little profit.
  11. 2015 Mustang Gt Rear Ended

    No insurance, no ID, rear-end someone, gets hauled away with unknown injuries - sounds scamy to me.
  12. Used 19 vs New 22

    You could always buy Fords extended warranty. It would probably put you close to the price of the 22 but it's still a much more nicely optioned car.
  13. Mustang GT Paddle Shifters, does the car automcaily shift into 1st gear when at a complete stop??

    FWIW my owners manual says that the transmission will not downshift into a gear that is unsafe for it. If you try the gear indicator in the dash will start flashing.
  14. Coyote engines hard on oil?

    My EB is my daily and gets the oil changed per the indicator in the dash. Had the oil analysized at about 83k on the engine (don't know miles on that particular change) and it was still good with the only significant contamination being coolant byproducts. But that's a different story entirely.
  15. Ford pulls out of SEMA

    Probably a lot of truth in this. I've never been to Sema or much like it. But I go to the local car, boat and motorcycle shows and they've been very disappointing the last couple of years. A lot fewer dealers and vendors and crowd attendance is abysmal.
  16. psi

    What the label in the door jamb says. 32 psi
  17. idle oil pressure

    While that's mostly true it doesn't really tell the full story. An engine that is 2 quarts or more low can have good oil pressure, an engine that is over filled can have good pressure as well. The problem comes in at the extremes. So little oil that the sump can't fill quickly enough can cause...
  18. oil ford 2.3 opinions

    I know there are a lot of people who will only buy brand name oils or even just a specific brand of oil. I've always been more concerned with the oil meeting the required specs than buying a name brand. For the last several years I've been using Wal-Mart's house brand of oil. It's been doing...
  19. Good Ford dealerships or Ford Performance shops in the state of Georgia

    They did the headgasket on my EB under the CPO warranty. They did a good job, cannot tell anything was done except it runs as it should now. Wait time for the appointment was about 6 weeks then they had it another 4 weeks waiting on parts. I highly recommend speaking to someone in person. Their...
  20. What did YOU use to transport your stock S550 hood home from the body shop?

    Keep the box for storage and transport and borrow or rent a pickup truck. If you don't have a friend who would do it for a 6 pack or lunch then Home Depot rents them for as little as 4 hours at a time.