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  1. Painting Brake Calipers Red

    Pad Friday!
  2. Painting Brake Calipers Red

    O..M..G.. 😳
  3. Convertibles Photos Thread

    My old Eco, miss it a little. Was a great ride.
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    More tints.. :sunglasses:
  5. "Pre-collision assist not available" message

    As you may have noticed (looking at the work order above), I have a tune that belongs to a Steeda CAI. So, if it happens again, I will first disconnect the battery for 30 mins and then try again. If it's still happening I will return the car to stock and try again. Unfortunately I don't remember...
  6. "Pre-collision assist not available" message

    Happened again on the Interstate last Tuesday.. not cool, car went into limp mode, had to take the next exit, park, turn off the car, restart, and good to go. This morning I had an appointment at my Ford dealership, of course they couldn't duplicate the issue. Next time it happens is to let...
  7. Euro decklid emblem part numbers (Ecoboost, GT, Bullitt) found

    @HoosierDaddy i found one at the dealership today! :like: I found this too... :sunglasses:
  8. Glass Cleaner/Polish Recommendations?

    + invisible glass, plus its best for tints too I read somewhere. Amazon
  9. Advice on buying 5.0?

    For everyone I know, a Mustang is a Mustang. No one knows the difference between a Shelby, Eco, GT, etc. They don't even know those "flavors" exist. They DO know I drive an orange Mustang, that's all.
  10. Steeda Intake - Just unlucky? Poor quality.

    The closed intake is nice, except getting the filter housing back on to the stock base...seems impossible. Had to use a channel locker in place to fasten the clamps. It's an issue reported by many others.

    I found this inside Waze, an orange sports car with white stripes. How cool is that? Looks just as my ride.
  12. FORScan message: "Unable to identify vehicle"

    Hello, today I learned something new regarding my FORScan setup. Scenario: - Old laptop with FORScan installed and car profile saved (!) - New laptop with fresh install of FORScan, no profile saved (yet) - Car has custom tune (after last FORScan profile was saved to old laptop) So, went to the...
  13. "Pre-collision assist not available" message

    @sirben711 Just went into the car, I turned off the distance indicator. I will turn it back on tomorrow and do a test drive to see if the noise is back and how it behaves.
  14. "Pre-collision assist not available" message

    Yesterday and today, I made a right turn (shouldn't matter) and instantly floored it, Each time the "Pre-collision assist not available" message came on and car went into limp mode. Had to pull over somewhere and wait a couple of minutes for it to reset. Today I turned off the Pre-collision...
  15. Advice on buying 5.0?

    Like a chick cares of you drive a V8 or not, its whats in your pants, not under the hood.
  16. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I wont get Nittos again either.
  17. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Look maw, more stripes!
  18. Waiting...the struggle is real

    Maybe they are changing the color too!? 😳 Joking.. lets hope you'll be driving soon! 🏎