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  1. Anderson Composites GT500 CFTP Wing Showed Up..

    i think every ZL1-1LE wing i've seen from them has had similar issues
  2. 2018 GT350 or 2022 Dodge TRX?

    Glenn CDJR is doing 4% under invoice also, amounted to almost 10k off sticker. Mine is supposedly gonna be here in april. Honestly, I want the trackhawk, but am not paying that much and need a truck at times. Would also feel bad taking the hawk down all the gravel for work. I can’t DD a...
  3. Grabber blue or Heritage Brittany blue?

    Totally understand, still will be a beauty. I know I’m in the minority on the stripe thing lol. Honestly either color will be awesome, I’ve just ALWAYS loved grabber blue. Congrats to you, will be looking forward to pics!
  4. Grabber blue or Heritage Brittany blue?

    If i had a CFTP allocation, it’d be a grabber blue stripeless black roofed beauty

    Those look like SVE replicas

    Probably my favorite shaped car ever when done in resto-mod or pro-touring form. And to keep the thread on track, what about a modded SS1LE for old school NA sound, manual, good chassis? will lack the “special” part, but hard to deny it’s capabilities
  7. My Ford GT500 has truly ruined my passion for others😳

    I’ve always had this problem too lol…always justifying that next little price bump! Next thing you know you’ll be in a senna. I love the AMG GT, there’s one local, he’s modded and absolutely flies. The other side to your view is passing an exotic in something much cheaper, might not be as...
  8. Gt350 track attack # 12

    I have a couple also
  9. Anybody recognize these wheels?

    I thought it was an apex arc 8, but I’m only seeing 7…even the center caps look like apex
  10. Limitations on exposed carbon I/P?

    I have no experience with the gt500, but ordered a TRX in October and was told my options would delay the build. Just also recently learned most of the last trackhawks made were without the pano roof(used to be hard to find one without the pano). So it's entirely possible they're having a supply...
  11. [email protected] Factory DCT/Clutches GT500

    Well, that’s a badass pic
  12. "Would you rather.....?" GT350/Shelby owners and their strange sensibilities

    For an alternate POV, alter the analogies a little. The whole problem i saw, and experienced myself, was the doctor that was allegedly so good at this procedure, had an attention to detail hovering around a 2/10 level. (Gave my car back after motor swap TWICE with a CEL). That same doctor...
  13. Ohio 2021 GT500 w/ Carbon Fiber Track Pack

    Because he bought it a couple days ago at MSRP.
  14. Need to buy some upgrades, but what to get?

    you can drive the SC3R on the street, but it’s a little sketch in the rain and cold(I’m sure you knew this already, just sayin). If you're concerned about times, i think it’d net ya a little bit over the cup2. i got 4k miles out of my first set…without a track day lol i actually rode in a ZLE...
  15. Gt350 track attack # 12

    i drove your car for track attack…congrats on the new addition!
  16. Where is my oil going!!

    I did not notice that, in the OP it reads like he just called ford. I can see the dealer saying anything and that's much less concerning lol
  17. Where is my oil going!!

    you need to find a dealer who wants to do some warranty work, if you still have warranty. Around 12k miles mine started drinking 1qt/350mi…not uncommon in these. Good news is you’ll get a new motor. it is a little concerning someone at ford told you no, however
  18. Favorite Car lifts

    Is this low enough you can drive on without any kind of extra wood or ramp extensions?
  19. Evolution Performance GT500 cuts a 1.2 60 foot on stock DCT

    Surely they don’t expect us to believe that! i couldn’t help but notice this car shot outta the hole unlike any 500 video I’ve seen to date
  20. Ford drops CFHP for 2022

    the way i read it, you could still get the CFTP, just not the CFHP