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  1. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Black Sunshine
  2. Post pictures of your animals

    She always stops at this older couple house to beg for treats. Never fails
  3. End of the road - Good Bye GT350

    I plan to just rebuild it for as long as I can. Good for the OP for all the smiles.
  4. At 13,466 miles Sport Cup 2's gave up

    Had an alignment when I put in the camber plates back when I bought new last year. Well the dealer said they did the work. But I will be switching tires and have the car alignment redone.
  5. At 13,466 miles Sport Cup 2's gave up

    Yep. Sport Cup 2. I made the edit. Thanks
  6. At 13,466 miles Sport Cup 2's gave up

    45 miles from home I hear strange sound. I pull over at a funeral home. There was a service on going and a bunch of three patch wearing people watching me... Anyway, both front tires on the inner side let go at 13,466 miles or around there. All street driving on various type of roads. HP car...
  7. I can’t wait any longer for my Mach1 to be built 😖

    Keep the M1 order. I have been on a wait list for the new ZO6 since 2020. So I bought a GT350.
  8. Used 19 vs New 22

    Good for the OP to stick to his budget. If the car is out of warranty can you cover the cost of repairs? Sucks to make car payment plus a repair bill. Find out when the in-service data was. Look into ESP and have the used car checked out by someone you trust.
  9. Used 19 vs New 22

    Buy new and if you can get the options you want.
  10. Do you avoid or embrace car shows?

    That 1979 pace car I had one of those when I was 16, my first mustang. That brings back some memories!
  11. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    You're going to have to put some miles on it. Sooner or later.
  12. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Did it feel like the first time all over again?
  13. I hate deer

    I hate them too. Last week I skidded to a stop to miss three of them.
  14. Engine note, 5.0L Coyote vs 5.2L Voodoo [POLL]

    They all sound great. But, my Shelby mustang sounds best Shelby mustang.
  15. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I added 200 hp today. Plus the sticker that's another 5 hp