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  1. Dressed up engine bays

    Those dots (rivets) are little plastic push on cabinet screw covers. I bought a bag of them. And spray painted them. It worked out perfectly.
  2. Dressed up engine bays

    Looks great!! How did you do your lettering. I painted my covers as well. I used black vinyl tape for the indent line above and below the lettering. But I left the lettering the same color as the cover.
  3. CALIFORNIA SPECIAL S550 Mustang Thread

    They are Cervini. Not sure if I picked them up at AM or CJ.
  4. Favorite ONE mod that you have done.

    Tough choice. I have two!! 1. BMR lowering springs. Love the stance 2. AWE axleback. Love the sound
  5. soft tonneau cover

    An S550 vert looks absolutely fabulous top up or down. No need for a tonneau cover IMO. 👍 Cheers brother!!
  6. Anyone added a 50th anniv emblem to the tail panel on their 2015?

    You are not correct in saying “addition”, it’s “edition”. And BTW, his car is a 2015…50 years is 50 years. 👍
  7. Best muffler

    Mine is a 2016. I am not sure if they make one for a 2021. I would think the exhausts are the same or very similar. I got mine from AM several years ago. Here is the link, but it says 15-17. I would contact AM and ask. If you can get AWE you will be thoroughly satisfied. Good luck.👍...
  8. Best muffler

    AWE axlebacks here. Put them on two years ago and absolutely love them. Deep rumble when you walk in it, but sounds stock when crusing or around town driving. 😁 And all else stock BTW!!👍
  9. Whats the best lowering springs?

    Valid question. I guess we always strive for “better”. I have read on here about some dampers making a difference. Maybe I just haven’t driven on better dampers, so I wouldn’t know the difference. I am quite pleased with my ride, but a better damper may have made a difference. My wheels are...
  10. Whats the best lowering springs?

    Yes. Love them. I just did springs. Good feel and good looks. But I maybe should have done dampers as well. But I a good with just springs.
  11. Illuminated Glove Box on 2021 MY

    Way back in 2010, I bought an F150. There was no light in the center console. I used a mercury switch, which I removed from a low voltage heating thermostat. I used a small strip of LED lighting and ran that in line with the switch and a 12 volt source from the fuse box. The mercury switch was...
  12. Illuminated Glove Box on 2021 MY

    I have read through this entire thread. My take on the bulb removal is for weight reduction. 😂. I will make sure the door doesn’t hit me on the way out. 😁
  13. Mustang in Canola!

    Great shot.👍 But I don’t think it was taken recently. Unless Calgary is getting better weather than normal. 😂😂
  14. Convertibles Photos Thread

    I am not a big fan of the 18+ front ends. But you car color and what you have done with it looks great. You should be very pleased with it. :rockon:

    Winter parked!!:crying:
  16. CALIFORNIA SPECIAL S550 Mustang Thread

    I see it. But how does Ford the actual numbers before the production year has ended? Maybe another could have been ordered with the same specs after yours was produced?? I am not doubting you. I am doubting Ford. I special ordered my 2016 and didn’t gat any documentation like that.
  17. CALIFORNIA SPECIAL S550 Mustang Thread

    I was wondering the same thing. 😁
  18. Smoked vs Clear Tail lights

    I still can’t get the fishnet stocking image out of my head. IMO... leave them clean. It looks so much better. Sorry😔
  19. Smoked vs Clear Tail lights

    Mine are tinted, so dust/dirt isn’t an issue. 👍 Too much of a Fish Net Stocking look for my taste. And the holes in the mesh aren’t aligned with the dark edge of the light. That alone would kill me. :cwl: