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  1. Insurance for GT350

    Here's another data point for you...just insured my 2019 GT350 with State Farm - I'm in my low 30s, no accidents - $440/6 months here in the DFW area. Mileage at 11k/yr, full coverage.
  2. GT350 or Mach 1

    Went back and forth myself with this same thing. Ended up grabbing a used 2019 GT350 with 3k miles for $64k. Yeah, paid a premium, but glad I did over a Mach 1 which was coming in close to the same in my area.
  3. Window Sticker

    @MustangJoe84 Could you kindly provide the window sticker for my new GT350 as well? 1FA6P8JZ8K5552312 That would be much appreciated!
  4. Prices are on the rise......

    Yeah I think we broke through a new ceiling with this purchase. Prices keep rising for these, but part of me thinks this was more due to the bidding war between two buyers. I had $53k, thinking this was an outlier but who knows anymore.
  5. Zeck Ford Itasca, TX

    The info he received at the time was bogus and read like shoptalk from the manager. He did not know the true price of the car, as others have validated. How you feel about his degree of accuracy is immaterial.
  6. Zeck Ford Itasca, TX

    Not doubting that. Mike very well might have been given an unfounded price up-front, however people have a right to question the validity of the information without being labeled as 'negative'.
  7. Zeck Ford Itasca, TX

    Well the information was in fact bogus, right?
  8. Zeck Ford Itasca, TX

    Sorry to hear about your business. Hopefully your Mach 1 was garaged!
  9. Zeck Ford Itasca, TX

    So you really don't know what it'll be listed for after all eh. 🙄
  10. Zeck Ford Itasca, TX

    Wouldn't be surprised if they keep it listed at MSRP.
  11. Texas 2017 GT350 Avalanche Recaro 24K miles

    AFAIK, Texas brands titles for lemons, although we don't know which state the buyback/resell occured. @OP - Can you answer Burgher's question? Thanks!
  12. Texas 2017 GT350 Avalanche Recaro 24K miles

    At what mileage was the motor replaced?