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  1. 2022 Grabber Blue METALLIC in the sun!

    I’m so glad I ordered my track pack in this color!
  2. Ford Tracking website down for weeks?

    Hi all, I have had a VIN for some time now and every time I go on to the ford tracking website and enter my info it says tracking is not available at this time. Anyone else had this issue?
  3. GT500 price increase (AGAIN)

    $2000 MSRP price increase on the GT500 if you don’t have your order in by April 13! FYI
  4. Can you change order after VIN is established?

    Hi all, is it possible to add painted stripes to my order which already has a VIN and is scheduled for build first week of May?
  5. 22 Grabber Blue GT500 CFTP available with a VIN! Who’s interested?

    Hi all, I have an order placed with a dealer that officially has a VIN and I am going with another dealer. It is $7500 over but it officially has a VIN for build date first week of May. Grabber Blue CFTP with all options minus stripes. Reach out to me if interested and I’ll send info.
  6. Grabber blue or Heritage Brittany blue?

    Having a hard time deciding what specs to choose on my 22 CFTP order. Currently it’s grabber blue with painted black roof, and painted black stripes, tech package. I also like the heritage due to the investment side that it will provide. Code orange, cyber orange are also nice! Thoughts...
  7. Limitations on exposed carbon I/P?

    Hello all, I am in the process of ordering a 22 GT500. The dealer said the rep stated no carbon or it won’t be built. I tried to tell him I want the exposed carbon fiber dash and he says the car won’t be built with adding that? I think he’s confusing the word carbon fiber with track pack which...
  8. Process for drop ship @ different Ford Dealer?

    Hi all, I am getting ready to order a 22 GT500 from an out of state dealer. Does anyone know if you are able to have the car delivered to a different dealer that’s close to you and what the process is? Your help is appreciated in advance!!
  9. 2022 GT500 - Not doing allocations this year?

    Heard this from a source who is best friends with a Ford executive in the FP division. Supposedly Ford will not be doing allocations for the 22 500. Rather, they will be either approving or denying orders that are placed. Appears to be a new way to gauge demand and have customers ordering that...
  10. Ohio 2021 GT500 w/ Carbon Fiber Track Pack

    Hi all, I have my brand new 2021 GT500 in carbonized gray with the Carbon Fiber track pack. Car has 7 miles on it. Please text or call me at 513-338-9761 if interested! 110K or best offer.
  11. 2019 GT350R Blk with white stripes? Previous owner on here?

    Anyone on here the previous owner of a 19 R with about 1200 miles? Dealer does not have the original cover or owners supplement and wanted it to see if you were on here. In Delray Beach FL. Traded in on G wagon?
  12. Order banks for 22?

    I thought the order banks were supposed to open today? Went on the Ford website and it’s still showing 2021.
  13. Tie down points for GT350R?

    All, I plan on having my GT350R shipped and was wondering what the best tie down points would be. The shipper said he typically does through the wheels since he has Mac microfiber pillow straps. I’m hesitant to this method just because of the carbon fiber wheels. However, he said he could tie...
  14. Carbon fiber dash

    Anyone selling a carbon fiber dash for the GT350?
  15. Official colors for 2022 GT500 released! Grabber Blue is back!

    Official colors for 22 GT500. Grabber blue is back and cyber orange is one of my favorites as well!
  16. *WANTED* 19-20 GT350R (Orange fury preferred) Wrapper car, low mileage

    Hi all, In search of a 19-20 GT350R with very low miles 300 or below. Prefer a wrapper car. Open to any color. However, willing to pay a premium for orange fury. Please feel to reach out if you know of any at a reasonable price. Yes - I am aware of the ones currently on the market. This is for...
  17. Leads to known allocations for 22 GT500 CFTP @ MSRP?

    Hi all, I have one dealership who has me on a list for the GT500 CFTP MSRP but it is not guaranteed as there is one person ahead of me. Does anyone have any leads to a dealership who will have allocation for a 22 CFTP and will sell at MSRP? Send PM with info please. This is my dream car and...
  18. 2022 Golden Ticket @ MSRP

    Welp, looks like I’m getting my pre order in for a 2022 GT500 w/ all options including track pack and painted stripes. Sales manager said he’ll get me at MSRP, a mustang enthusiast himself. Coming from a 19 GT350R, I hope I am thrilled by the car.
  19. 2022 GT500 last year to be built?

    Hello all, Curious of your thoughts. With all the new regulations and move to electric, do you think 2022 will be the last year for the GT500? Also, have there been any confirmed changes for 2022 and any word on when the order banks are opening?
  20. WANTED - 2019 Orange Fury R or 2020 Iconic silver with black stripes

    Anyone selling a 2019 Orange Fury low mile R, prefer a car still in plastic if anyone knows of someone with one. Stripe delete with black roof is what I’m looking for on the orange fury but open to others. Also looking for 2020 iconic silver R with black stripes. Let me know!