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  1. Steeda, dasilva?

    I had dasilva do a bunch of work on my track day car, no issues and decent prices for both parts and labour.
  2. Suspension upgrades. Good alignment shop in Southwestern Ontario?

    Might help if you said where you are, SW Ont covers a lot of ground. Just sayin'.
  3. SOLD it!

    PT Barnum was right, there is one born every minute I guess.
  4. What does your Mustang drink?

    It's the no lift shift thing, if you track your car it causes all kinds of issues, chiefly stuttering on shifts. If you try that no lift shift on a road course be careful, you're going to get more wheelspin on shifts than you ever thought possible. Even 4-5 at well over 100 mph you'll find...
  5. Is the Performance Package worthwhile?

    PP1 is well worth it just for the 6 piston Brembos and the Torsen. I tracked mine stock to baseline it before I started making it into a dedicated track car and the thing was very good on track, even with the heavy stock wheels and junk Pirelli tires it was quite driveable with no ugly habits...
  6. Rumor: S650 Mustang 4-Door Sedan Will Debut in 2022 with 3 Engine Options

    Doesn't matter shit to me, I have no plans to ever buy another Mustang, just keep adding more go fast/stop fast stuff to the one I've got and carry on. Love this car, so much fun on track. Just going to keep taking more and more non go fast stuff out of it and adding more go fast stuff to it...
  7. Trackspec GT4 center vent

    It is simple to put a plexiglass cover over it and that has the added benefit of preventing hot underhood air from getting into it. It does not seal well to the bottom of the hood, best to just abandon that whole idea and use a cover that will keep hot air out of it for sure. Plus no issues...
  8. What does your Mustang drink?

    That's cause the PP2 tune is trash for a variety of reasons. That whole PP1, PP2, PP3 stuff netted Ford a lot of negative vibes. Way oversold as to how useful it was. Absolutely zero increase in performance on a road course and severe driveability issues.
  9. Video: Mustang Mach 1 driven by pro driver Rick Kelly, using flat shifting on track

    No lift shift as implemented in the power pack 2 kit is a disaster, a damn fine way to dump your car. No lift 4-5 shift at red line on a dry track breaks the ass end loose at over 100 mph. That's right, lots of wheelspin with 200TW tires in 5th gear. Not something I would advise using...
  10. What does your Mustang drink?

    Shell, then Esso then Petro-Can in that order. I really prefer Shell though.
  11. DCT 7 Speed Transmission

    Where they are "way better" than the A10 is on track, they don't have the heat issues to the extent that the old slushboxes do.
  12. Anyone else fed up with Consumers Reports?

    Yeah, shell game of a mag. Stopped reading it and its brethren years ago. Seems like the best info these days comes from people you know and can trust, every other source is highly suspect.
  13. Owned my 2016 GTPP for 2 years as of yesterday. Here's what I think...

    You need better wheels and tires. The stock Ford PP wheels are heavy AF and way to narrow. Look into some Apex 19 X 11's or 18 X 11's if you want to run used slicks. You need to be on 305's squared for maximum tire life on track. You've already got the spacers you will need to do that...
  14. White Lettering Sidewall Tires

    That is so 1970s. I don't know how these kind of things find a 2nd life. It didn't deserve a first life...
  15. Mt82-d4 nibble right off dealer lot?

    MT82 has lots of problems, especially cold shifting, both the early ones and the newer ones with the strange ratios. They changed ratios but didn't seem to address the more important problems. Try some different fluid, I found the BG stuff smoothed out a lot of those problems. Some folks...
  16. Would you change you mind if you could reverse your Mustang Purchase?

    Haven't regretted it and as long as I'm alive it's going to be in my possession. Only thing I should have done is load it up with driveline coolers the second I bought it, that's it's greatest failing as a track day car.
  17. To PP1 or not to PP1?

    The PP wheels are heavy AF, they'd be better on the truck than the 'stang IMHO. Those wheels are a travesty, just about anybody's flow formed wheels are better.
  18. S550 may be eliminated sooner rather then later...

    Whole thing makes no difference to me, I'm keeping this car until I'm pushing daisies. The thing is just too damn much fun to sell. I'll likely end up in an ecar daily driver some day, but this gasser isn't going anywhere while I'm still around.
  19. Rotors&Pads vs Brembo upgrade

    What are you going to do with the car? If it's just autox or similar then the stock ones might be OK. If it's track days you really need the 6 piston Brembos and racing pads and cooling. IMHO, the hyper expensive 2 piece rotors and racing calipers are not worth the money for track days...