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  1. Rusting bodywork

    Thanks pal, that's really helpful!
  2. Rusting bodywork

    Thats great news! I saw the new body shop manager last Monday at Furrows - he's quite new in the role but looked at my car and said you need a new bonnet. He said ring back in July and we will book it in for Aug as he's swamped with work. Does this sound OK or do you think I'll get to July and...
  3. Rusting bodywork

    Do you know his name or the dealers name? Trouble is won't they want to first inspect it then paint it on another day so two trips minimum?
  4. Rusting bodywork

    Thank guys. Anyone know a good ford body shop in the northwest, I'm in Chester. Used oswestry in the past but honestly it took them 4 attempts at fixing the heated seat. Is there a tsb about this issue I can show them?
  5. Rusting bodywork

  6. Rusting bodywork

    Had mine serviced via an independent garage and he pointed out this is happening on my bonnet. 2016 20k miles pampered to death too. Sigh, I've got 2 stamps in the book about paint inspections, one from Ford and one from this garage when they serviced it last year. See what happens. I'm getting...
  7. Anyone running a 4.09 rear gear ratio ?

    This is what's holding me off getting a facelift. I wish they had not messed with the ratios.
  8. 5 years old,5th service @20k plugs?

    Thanks so much for that. Do you know where I can get all the schedules from? It was done at ford for the first few years and my independent last couple. Tha ks for all the information Grim and everyone else. Massive help
  9. 5 years old,5th service @20k plugs?

    Thats dead helpful cheers! Trans and diff oil d,id you go for royal purple etc or one of the aftermarket ones? I've seen nemesis do a kit. Did you notice a difference when changing it? Where do you buy your parts from?
  10. 5 years old,5th service @20k plugs?

    Hi all, So hoping you guys can help! I Use an independent garage who I trust who specialises is focus RSs. Im a bit unsure what to order ahead of my service with him. Car is 2016 with 20k on it. I run a panel filter so was thinking: Oil Oil filter Cabin filter Plugs? Brake fluid depending if...
  11. New regs for engine nosie

    Top speed limits are coming in at the same time too, along with changes to the highway code regarding cyclists.
  12. New regs for engine nosie

    That makes no sense to me either. Getting pretty sick of the way it's going over here, fuel now 1.61 a litre for super, speed limits being reduced by 10 mph, the 20s are a right nuisance in the mustang. Sigh
  13. New regs for engine nosie

    All over FB - This is from a Ford dealer, well known and trusted.
  14. New regs for engine nosie

    Heard today is the last ever day to purchase a manual mustang in the UK due to noise regs.
  15. i can’t be the only one who runs regular in a GT right?

    This will make you feel better, I only run mine on super, 99 octane and over here its almost 9 dollars a gallon
  16. Replacing D3S for D8S, different sockets?

    Ah ok, that makes total sense. Ive heard those guys can be strict. I might be wrong here but I'm pretty sure the headlights are different from the US version too. They are a more clear lense and also the fitment will be different for the bulbs, thats why I had to cut a notch into them to make...
  17. Replacing D3S for D8S, different sockets?

    Oh wow really? Did you buy the car like this? I don't belive they check the light brightness on the MOT and I know a few of the members on here are running d3s and have been for a good while. The d8s bulbs are shocking, just so you're aware!
  18. Replacing D3S for D8S, different sockets?

    There you go top was obviously before. The light is brighter and goes much further up the road now.
  19. Replacing D3S for D8S, different sockets?

    Oh I bought a few ballasts till I got this right. I have the part number you need to look for, I'll see if I can dig it out. If you are going down this route let me know and I will get it.