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  1. National cool road database

    So i had an idea about a database for cool roads to drive. It would have listings by state then secondary listings by county. Each entry would give the name of the road and the area its in with a brief description of the road itself. I`m not puter savvy to set it up, not sure the best way to...
  2. Contemplating selling

    Having a hard time finding anywhere to drive it properly. Crowded roads shitty weather maybe some sun would change my mind?
  3. Owners package available clipped from gt350org.

    Hey all. so my grandfather had a gta350, i think it was from 2016. when he sold it he did not include the souvenier box for two reasons he did not want any at the dealership to take it as a (souvenie). he was going to find the guy that bought it, but thing happend. and he never got around to it...
  4. Looking for a owners package? or have one for sale list it here.

    I think it would be good to have 1 thread to combine all requests on this topic. May this be stickied?
  5. Missing owners packages

    Do we have a thread for finding missing owners pakages?
  6. Rare earth magnet on oil filter canister

    Thoughts ? Thinking if they are powerful enough to work attracting errant metal pieces through the plastic and the epoxy used to stick them on the outside?
  7. OEM rear seat delete question.

    So i bought a OEM rear seat delete kit that supposedly came out of a gt350R. I had it sent to a friends house where i`ll pick it up tomorrow. My mate sent me a pic of the box and it looks about 1/2 the length of the box that Ford sends them in. My question is , aren't they stiff and formed? Will...
  8. Anybody using on of these rear seat delete kits?

    Kinda looks like the Ford part from the pic...
  9. Washington WTB rear seat delete

    As above.. Spammers beware you will be told to fuck off.
  10. Showroom poster

    Saw this awesome pic on the wall of the local Ford dealership. Unfortunately nobody there can enlighten me as to its origin . I`d love a copy. Anybody have a clue?
  11. Heatsheild info.

    Got this response from heatshield products to my question. Cannot help but to be impressed. Steve- Thank you for your email. I apologize for the novel. It will have typos and I am no wordsmith. I am a math and science person. We are very familiar here at Heatshield Products with the...
  12. The Dent whisperer recommendation PNW.

    So my Shelby had 2 small dents from the factory and outie and an innie . $200 and 1hr later they both are simply gone. This guy's in Puyallup and i`m 100% happy. 412 E Main St Puyallup 770 1336. No affiliation just a happy customer. Mods , not sure if this is Kosh? Lemme know or feel free to...
  13. Great music

    Sit down, turn the volume up...Enjoy.
  14. Car covers , Anybody using this brand?
  15. A wheel story

    So i`ve always love these wheels but wondered what the stock wheels would look in this gold. Had a mate wave his photoshop wand and Bam. Don`t like it as well as the original black so i tried chrome. I like the chrome better but i`ll be keeping them black.
  16. Blue center screen

    So i drove my car for the first time in the semi dark this morning and when turning on the headlights the back ground on the screen turned dark blue. I really like this , is there a way to keep it that color always?
  17. 202 gt350 recall?

    First ive heard?
  18. Show your personalized plate

    Here`s mine. Wondering it Johnny state patrol would mind too much if i added a decimal point?
  19. front spoiler price check

    Valance Product ID: FR3Z-17626-E Remove $317.80 Quantity $317.80 This is from Fairway ford . Plus $55 shipping. Anybody got a cheaper source?