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  1. Any studies on how many Coyote engine have issues that need replacement

    Been awhile since I have been active on the forum. Had 4 Mustangs so not stranger to them. In the past 3 years went from a custom '66 I had built to a Porsche and even a Miata but find myself missing that V8 sound and performance. When I got back looking at the forum I noticed a few posts on...
  2. Clarification on Colors and will their be a S550 or S650 for year 2022

    Just saw a post from Steeda on S550 mustang colors for 2022 and want some clarity on what models will be out next. I had thought this would be the last year run for the S550 and the S650 would be out in 2022 however the Steeda post stated and showed the colors on GT and Mach 1 for 2022...
  3. Any word if PP1, PP2 and MagneRide will be available for 2021?

    Just curious if it will be offered or if FORD will move buyers who want better handling toward the Mach 1.
  4. Question about Mach 1 grill

    Don't want to start a this is better than that thread but want to know if the grill in the Mach 1 looks any different in size than a standard 18-20 GT or Bullitt. The reason is that I am not a fan of the stock Mach 1 grill and would want a horizontal grill. Do not mind switching them out if they...
  5. Any word on instrumentation?

    Wondering if the Mach 1 will have the GT 350's instruments such as oil pressure and temp on the dash like the performance pack.
  6. Bullitt engine look vs Stock GT with engine cover

    Was looking at a Bullitt engine pic with a friend and he asked if the different look was just a GT's engine cover taken off. I told him I did not know but would check with some Bullitt owners. I definitely like the look of the Bullitt openness and being able to see the runners but do know know...
  7. How long into the year will it be possible to order a Bullitt

    Just curious when Ford will cut off the orders for a Bullitt
  8. Do you see the upcoming Mach 1 an improvement over the Bullitt?

    I was starting to focus in on the Bullitt and then started reading some releases on the Mach 1. Like the understated look of the Bullitt much better however the TR3160 definitely has its' advantages over the MT82. I can see why Ford decided to let the MT82 go for the Mach 1 but do folks see a...
  9. Do we know if the Mach 1 will have active exhaust and the same pipes as the Bullitt?

    Just curious if the Mach 1 will have the same options as the Bullitt such as active exhaust, electronics package etc.. Was looking at the Bullitt but given that the Mach 1 will have the Tremac may have to go that way.
  10. Coupe vs Vert interior noise on S550 GT

    Has anyone gone from a Vert to Coupe or visa versa and can comment on how the interior noise compares on the S 550 GT? Curious if one is noticeably more quiet than the other. Had read where the 18+ Verts were much quieter but can not remember who made the comment.
  11. Any information as to when a new full refresh will occur

    I know that a minor refresh is scheduled in 2021 but does anyone have a best guess as to when Ford will do a major refresh on the S550? I know we can all make a guess but thought someone might have more information than a guess.
  12. Can a vert get close to a roofed car in handling with add ons?

    Had had mustangs in the past: a factory '66 in '68, a custom built '66 in '17 and a 2012 S197 GT with manual. Lately I have missed the torque of an American V8 and started looking at the mustang again. Presently have another vehicle which corners like its' on rails and is a convertible. If I...