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  1. That Mustang life..

    Somebody should break this clown femur with a crutch of the kid that had there femur broke. And you guys 🤡 for saying Mustang drivers are the worst :rolleyes:

    The puff of the cigar into 4th was the best ! Just watch his legs shifting that archaic super T10.. clutch in, foot off the gas. Better yet watch it at 1/4 speed and listen ;)
  3. RIP cobb users
  4. ???

  5. Sometimes you gotta wonder what Ford is thinking

    The s650 Mustcharger / Chargang or maybe Musaro ?
  6. The infamous 'dyno plug'

    The one by the airbox C126 in the wiring diagram. Seem to go to the ABS module. So, those with actual data on it, does it completely disable all the nannies/clutch protection etc when unplugged ? I thought it was just for diagnostic purposes. Thanks.
  7. Canada - Manitoba 120mm PMAS CAI

    Up for grabs PMAS CAI. Complete with 30* throttle body adaptor for guys running 18+ intake manifolds on your gen2 coyote. Will also work withe 15-17 intake. Added proper size riv-nuts to the MAF housing cause I didn't like bolting the MAF sensor into plastic threads (includes the proper sized...

    The back story.. Will Smith's wife has a disease that Chris Rock decided to make fun of. What would you have done ?
  9. NA intake manifold MADNESS

    Just a recap; "The 2018 production intake manifold reigns supreme when it comes to peak numbers, up 4.3 hp and 3.4 lb-ft. Though what might be more important for some people is the 600-plus rpm increase in the powerband, or that the Cobra Jet does make much better average horsepower—25.5 hp...

    Just got me some of these bad boys. @UPRjoe
  11. Factory cat to Resonator exhaust piping

    Was wondering who sells from factory cats to Resonator (or H-pipe) exhaust, preferably in a 3" diameter. Thanks.
  12. N2MB

    Looking for first hand knowledge for those using the N2MB . ~ What has been your experience with it ? ~ Works as advertised ? ~ Reliable ? ~ How clean looking is the instal ? I want to stay away from anything that plugs into the OBDII port. Thanks !
  13. So I picked up a used 10R80 with 700 miles

    For a screaming deal. Had it checked out, everything is perfect. Now the big question, any news on this prototype quick10 controller ? Asking cause no tuners can seem to figure out the extra solenoids.
  14. Looking for how to spell a damn last name..

    dutkiwich duktiwich dukitwich or variations of. Can't seem to hit the right spelling of it. So I figured someone more surname savvy could figure it out for me. Thanks !
  15. Alejandro Flores aka YOLO

    Mr LUND RACING employee himself. I use to watch him, when his videos were mostly technical in nature. Does anybody take this guy seriously anymore ? Seems in the last couple years he's just pandering to the lowest common denominator to get cash to finance his 'race cars' . So essentially he's...
  16. So close to 500 hp !

  17. Long live the NEW KING

    Out sold the MUSTANG in 2021.
  18. Betty White dead at 99

    Just heard Betty White died. Lord why couldn't you have just killed roll racing instead? RIP BETTY
  19. ATTENTION MODS : another scammer

    @Twin Turbo Here's another scammer for ya. You guys should make a minimum of 20 posts to even view the parts for sale/ parts wanted section(s)
  20. Canada - Manitoba WTB strut bar 15-17

    WTB strut bar 15-17 or I guess 18+ if they work as well. Thanks.