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  1. Prices are on the rise......

    That article is garbage
  2. GT350 Parting Sale

    How much for the wheels?
  3. End of the road - Good Bye GT350

    Great write up! I’ve had mine for 5 years and 32k miles. I’m considering selling too because it’s out of warranty and honestly I’m ready for something new. This is the longest I’ve owned a car!
  4. Extended Studs / Square Setup

    I run a 305 square setup with ARP studs up front and a 25mm spacer. Definitely need open lug nuts and no need to run the spacers with stock wheels.
  5. Thinking about selling. What is the true value of my car?

    I’ve been considering selling mine too but what I want to replace it with, a P-car, I’d also just as nuts price wise so I’m going to hold.
  6. GT350R Surrogate

    Personally I think the GR is going to be overpriced for what you get. I had a Focus RS and loved it. The GR is down 50 hp, 0-60 guesses are mid 5 seconds, and starting price is guessed to be $39k... Have you thought about a Nissan Z? The CTR would be my choice from that list. I'm in the...
  7. Buy 2016 GT350 or 2021 new mustang GT premium

    The GT350 has a digital speedometer too lol. Drive both and decide.
  8. Prices are on the rise......

    If I could get $20k over for my 17 GT350 with 31k miles....I'd sell in a heartbeat. Lol
  9. High-Flow Catalytic Converters

    I love this! You should post some sound! I want to hear it. Not a bad gain either!
  10. New owner

    Very nice! I love Ruby Red.
  11. GuardianDesigns Custom Steering Wheel Review

    Is the alcantara air bag cover available for purchase??
  12. Texas 2017 GT350 For sale

    Damn! Good price.
  13. Faded paint noticeable after stripe removal?

    I removed my stripes after over a year of them being with no fade issue.
  14. Reporting on Reliability

    17 here with 24k miles and no issues.
  15. Cobrajet intake manifold dyno

    Damn! I want a CJ! Clean job.
  16. Replacement tires

    I have the 4S and I’m running them in 305/30 19 square