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  1. Hello from Missouri!

    im more straight line with my mustang. had a couple gtis for corners.
  2. 2015-2020 Mustang GT Cat Delete Pipes: First To Market and The Original Cat Deletes

    i didnt receive my flange gaskets with my order. can you help.
  3. 2018 heads on my gen 2

    the valves may be too big for bore clearance. go ported gen 1.
  4. Sound Tube Delete completed

    my third s550 gt so it was easier this last time. i get a grey plastic cap at the hardware store for about 70 cents! i got an air raid mit which deletes it at the intake tube.
  5. Flex tune issue

    i would run mine down to 2 or 3 miles to empty and it would go down closer to 10-11 afr faster. usually the second tank would get close to 10.0
  6. Steeda's Video Series - H or X Pipe?

    i got the xpipe with a flowmaster outlaw axle back. its loud!
  7. Need some help guys...

    m ake sure your connection is snug at the throttle body. that happened to me before.
  8. 2018 up GT on E85 come on in...

    running e85 takes just a second longer than 93 to crank over.
  9. 2018 5.0 Highway MPG

    28 with 3.15 gears. 10 speed
  10. 2018 5.0 Highway MPG

    same on my 2015 as my 2018 with 3.15 gears. my 2017 was worse with 3.55 gears.
  11. Flex fuel tune vs E85 only tune

    my 2017 had lund ff and a e85 race tune. the race tune had driveability issues and ran the same as my ff tune at the track so i never used it.
  12. Wanted: MID 11's stealth recipe

    i dont think you will see an 11 second 1/4 on $2000. maybe a low 12.
  13. Cheap cat delete

    cut it or torched it i wasnt watching the whole time.
  14. Cheap cat delete

    i had a local muffler shop delete mine with 2 1/2" pipe and 3" to my 3" catback. took them a while to custom bend and weld but still cheaper than buying the mak and still paying someone to weld.