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  1. San Diego peeps

    I'm back, lost log in info for a while there. Currently having mrt h pipe issues. May be time to swap whole exhaust. Starting to show signs on the other side. Failed at the welds, fml. On a side note, who is here in Ramona with the full exhaust stang around h street? Sounds bad ass
  2. CJ Pony Parts Forum Discount Code

    I'm looking for one as well
  3. San Diego peeps

    Working otherwise I'd be in... been a few months since I've been to c&c.
  4. Trunk Sound Deadening - Dynamat, Damplifier, etc.

    Rammat is really good stuff and half the price of dyno mat. They also carry ensolite for dampening.
  5. Drive Shaft Shop 800hp Half Shafts

    Sounds to me like you have them on backwards. I had the same issues. I matched the stock shafts to the dss halfshafts when in fact they install opposite. I say pull the one out that is all the way in and install on opposite side, then install remaining halfshaft on other end. You should be able...

    I'd hit all the drags in so cal, hit the desert in the off season and dd the s550
  7. Sunday Funday at CCC Motorsports, 4/24, Santee CA

    Nice turn out. I had things to do so I had to bounce out first, sorry everyone, got a bit of an aniexty issue as well, Hahaha post up them numbers. Wish I could have seen a few pulls, last day off and gotta list of things to get done.
  8. Sunday Funday at CCC Motorsports, 4/24, Santee CA

    Just seen this. I may cruise by and say hi. I have a few things going on tomorrow but may be in the area. Curious if ccc is just doing strictly dyno pulls. Any tunes? I need a dyno tune. Current tune is glitchy and not really cutting it, feel like it is stealing power. Does ccc offer dyno...
  9. 2015 Mustang GT. DIB. 6MT. 300A package. $29,500 OBO.

    I'm interested in the catback if you decide to part out. Lmk.
  10. DSS 800 halfshaft install question? NEED HELP

    They are side specific, can't recall atm which side is which, it's dark out otherwise I'd go out and look. From my experience, you can't get them to seat properly if installed backwards.
  11. SC_Ruby MOTM!

  12. 2015-2020 Mustang GT Cat Delete Pipes: First To Market and The Original Cat Deletes

    Hahaha, I paid my buddy's friend 50$, I did all the work, he just welded the two flanges, one on the header and one in the cat. Had to mock up the fit twice. I'm happy. Just find someone that can weld, buy some beer and make a mod day out of it. 100$ plus v clamps sounds good though and easily...
  13. 2015-2020 Mustang GT Cat Delete Pipes: First To Market and The Original Cat Deletes

    You need to line up the flange correctly so the pipes don't hang down to low. I did mine on Jack stands and 3 people. It was a lil tricky. Also after you cut the drivers side cat off, the pipe that you will be welding the flange to needs to be heated up and rounded out a bit to match the flange...
  14. My mod to reduce IAT's for JLT Intake

    Sweet I did the same a while back minus the heat shield inside the box, great idea by the way. It has been working for me with just the lid, I never get more than 4 degrees above ambient. Great lil cheap mod that works. Nice to see another give it a shot. Nice work!
  15. 2015-2020 Mustang GT Cat Delete Pipes: First To Market and The Original Cat Deletes

    Yeah I did that a few times, just led to multiple infractions on the ticket, a call for back up and a further delayed moment that I will never get back. I was never reffd but came close according to my boss that went out and talked to a hwy patrol that followed me all the way into my work trying...
  16. 2015-2020 Mustang GT Cat Delete Pipes: First To Market and The Original Cat Deletes

    Hey sd_gt, what's up! I have the cat deletes with mak h pipe and had the roush axle back, reciently removed the axle back and jigga rigged the stock exhaust back on. I ran the set up for about 4 months before swapping the stock mufflers back on. In that time it was awesome, I had to learn how to...
  17. San Diego peeps

    Thought they shut carlsbad down.
  18. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Well I did a stupid! I pulled off my jlt intake filter for a cleaning. Got it all cleaned up and set out in the sun all day to dry out. After pulling the filter off, I decided to clean the engine bay. So I got a grocery bag and put it around the intake tube so no water got in. Cleaned the...
  19. Derp Viking shock adjustment question

    I'm having some slight bouncyness with mine and need to try to dial them. Currently set at 3c 5r, on bmr handling springs front and back and handling shocks. Should I reverse my setting to 5c/3r. Any recommendations on settings to help get rid of this slight bouncyness? Car feels good but...