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  1. 2018-2019 Ford performance Pro Cal 3 Tune installation

    Here is my FP ID as reference and how to check: MGMEABG.H32 (HR3A-SEMM2M-GD) Just launch the procal3 software, plug in your laptop into FP ODB dongle and the main screen will show..
  2. GFB DV+ Does not fit a 2019.

    i like this brand new turbosmart bov. all plug and play !!
  3. Virginia Pedal Commander for sale

    ok i will get back in the next day or two. Where in VA are you located? I am in Springfield.
  4. Virginia Pedal Commander for sale

    might be interested... if you still have
  5. Boost Guage

    does it not go to 30 psi ?
  6. Installers of 2019 Ford Performance Stage 1 Tune

    Best i see at the moment is late model restoration has it for $450.
  7. Installers of 2019 Ford Performance Stage 1 Tune

    Ford is not the ones who maintain the warranty it is Ford Performance who will cover an issue caused by the tune for whatever is left on your 3/36 after you have it installed. Just need to send copy of purchase and copy of certified install to FP via email.
  8. 400 cell catted 3" downpipe

    With my 3" catted DP all monitors in ready state. In VA it is ODB check only.
  9. downpipe Brand decision....

    MBRP catted DP, Y Pipe and Borla Stinger S Type mufflers. Loud when get on it otherwise mild.
  10. Tune+ Issues

    I have PD tuning and couldn't be happier. Did my initial set up, went back for WG and now doing downpipe. Very smooth transaction and tunes are awesome.
  11. EB Subforum participation dwindling.

    More traffic on the other forum,, this one is dominated by GT.
  12. Cobb AP - OAR is now KOM

    My OAR gauge is working (after 6/11/19 update). I dont have a KOM option that i see.
  13. Cobb AP - OAR is now KOM

    mine didn't change after updated, still shows OAR on gauges..
  14. Precision-Turbonetics NX2 turbo EcoBoost build thread

    i cant imagine the performance you will see with the new turbo after tune is completed. I just added a 12 psi wastegate and updated PD tune. It is wicked fast.
  15. Precision-Turbonetics NX2 turbo EcoBoost build thread

    What are your HP/TQ (assuming you capture those on the AP) ?
  16. Turbo Upgrade?
  17. Anyone run SCT X4 canned tune?

    Not so on the warranty, FP assumes any tune related issues for 3 year/36,000 (from date of sale). After that 5 year / 50,000 kicks in but no coverage for tune related issue.
  18. Review of the CV Fabrication 3" Catted Downpipe

    yeah here in VA they check just for codes i believe. I guess i was wondering if the smaller cat filters out enough to pass a sniffer.