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  1. Dreamscience tune.......anyone?

    Dream Science tunes are pure shit only an idiot would put one on their car
  2. Airaid or MMR Cold air intake

    Why don't you read what Slowhand, MyMilkshake & Gibbo wrote cocky?! If you're read you might learn something :shrug: There's so many people here answering without any technical knowledge or understanding, why ask about performance if your not interested? That's why I don't waste my time. A...
  3. Is sync 3 worth waiting for?

    Inferiority Complex Napoleon?
  4. Green Card

    Hilary Clinton? ;)
  5. Green Card

    I'm surprised about how difficult it is to get a green card, I thought we liked each other lol, Here's an idea, stop letting in refugees & kick out illegal immigrants, then implement a points system so you can target people by jobs you need (doctors, engineers etc) so they benefit your...
  6. Green Card

    Can I start up my own business & put myself forward for a green card?
  7. Green Card

    Any suggestions on finding these sponsorship companies? Websites, companies etc? I really appreciate your help bud!
  8. Green Card

    If you are made redundant does your work visa go? How do you go about getting sponsored? How long does it take to get full residence (green card)? How does it work? I really appreciate the help!
  9. Green Card

    Lmfao! But he actually wants to contribute to society... Guess your idea is out the window ;) :lol:
  10. Green Card

    Whoops! Just seen the Off Topiv Lounge!
  11. Green Card

    My son is turning 18 & wants to get a green card, can anyone suggest any ways for him to get one (not marriage ;) ) Just need a bit of advice really! Maybe a work sponsor with Mustangs? He knows a LOT for a UK boy ;)
  12. UK Mustang delivery

    Got my VIN last week from Stacey but still no window sticker? How long does it usually take?
  13. Exhaust last!!

    So how much tax or duty fees will I have to pay to have an exhaust shipped over?
  14. Just Bought A...

    I'm finding this quite amusing Your all complaining about people calling the Mustang a Ford and stereotyping the car, it's only good on a straight line, interior is cheap plastic etc! Yet all you guys seem to do is put down other manufacturers in the same way! It's seriously childish &...
  15. Just Bought A...

    I think RG was just messing around, Cheers guys, of course o will use my indicators ;)
  16. Just Bought A...

    I can't stand the wait any longer! I'm not sure how I feel about the car really, if it wasn't a mustang I wouldn't be considering it So I just got a deal on an M4 I couldn't refuse, it's cheaper over the 3 years than the Mustang will be on a PCP so couldn't turn it down, It's been nice...
  17. Mustang For Sale

    I have a Guard, Saddle V8 (NO CUSTOM PACK!) Can I sell my order space? What can I do? Sell it as soon as its delivered? It's coming in March/April time I have had a change of mind, and am going for a porsche again, I just can't seem to get my head round the car, I love it but I don't see...
  18. MEET UP #1

    I'm In, How come so few people on here are commenting? It's the first meet and it looks great... What happened to all the people who wanted a meet up?
  19. Cars & Coffee Dates Poll

    The first two are best for me :)
  20. Best Passenger Side Oil Catch Can

    What catch can do you think is the best and why?