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  1. Which oil?

    Yeah, that is cheap .
  2. Which oil?

    Thanks PK I'll try super cheap also. It says to use one bottle of Ceratec per 5 litres of oil but sounds like your using one and finding that works ok, is that right. I used two as we have 10 litres of oil.
  3. Which oil?

    I use Ceratec also to quiet the tick. It said the ceratec should keep working for 40 or 50000 Klm before adding more. I havent done an oil change since adding it so i see how it goes. I chang oil every 10000 Klm.
  4. Which oil?

    I Use Penrite 5w40. In my 2018 GT.
  5. Which oil?

    Penrite 5w40.
  6. A10 fill plug impossible to remove, help plz

    Yup, I'm working on that. I've got a fitting which is a metric to imperial adaptor. 20mm to AN8 flared, I'm using 1/2 inch copper pipe for tube and I have to find a dip stick long enough to do the job.
  7. A10 fill plug impossible to remove, help plz

    I used a 19 mm ring spanner and i bent it in the middle so it came down under the cat then used a big ring spanner hooked on to the open end of the bent 19mm spanner to get some leverage. When you put it back on you dont need to make it that tight.
  8. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    I have fitted the full Steeda stop the hop kit with LCA bearings and front control arm bearing. sub frame brace and K frame, strut tower braces. I've used Pedders coil over kit and sway bars and the part that made NVH was the diff insert bushes. Only notice it when driving slow so doesnt worry...
  9. A10 fill plug impossible to remove, help plz

    I must admit this has worried me. I've just changed my trans fluid and have watched a few videos on youtube giving different info, but i guess the difference is Mustang to Ranger. I did see a guy who was a ford tech say you can set the fluid cold. so for Mustang fill to the B area then when it...
  10. 2018 10R80 Dipstick

    Great idea but the B&M one looks a bit thin for refilling trans through. I'm thinking of using copper pipe but havr to see if copper fittings are right size and thread to screw into trans and find a dip stick to fit.
  11. Reason For XS Oil Usage?

    I've got a 2018 GT and it used about 1.5 litres between servicing 10,000 Klm. I dont know what oil the dealer used and couldn't get them to tell me, so when somewhere else i now use Penrite 5w40 oil and it doesn't use oil anymore. I'm in Australia so a bit warmer climate maybe 5w30 is still ok...
  12. 2018 Oil Filter

    I got a K&N HP2011 filter from sparesbox on ebay $20.00 free post. Ryco filter is z928
  13. PP Torsion rear causing car to kick out sideway to right?

    Checkout Steeda for all there stop the hop parts for the IRS and LCA bearing. makes a big difference.
  14. How long did you want a Mustang before you got one and what did it take to make it possible?

    I have been a mustang fan for as long as i can remember. so 40 years +, when the s550 came to Australia it was love at first sight. The main reason I never owned one was money. I'm A crazy christian, crazy about God that is. Very active in my church. One day I got the surprise of my life when 5...
  15. From 370z to Mustang GT

    I've just fitted all Steeda stop the hop bit's to my 2018 GT with Pedders XA coil over kit. what a difference this has made. it really handles now. so much more traction. really tightened up the rear, corners on rails. got some more to do for the front yet but so much more fun to drive.
  16. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I have removed the GT badge from rear deck. and it leaves holes which I covered with carbon fibre and i put a GT and 5.0 badge on top. It is hard to remove and takes a lot to clean the tape off but worth it. I had planed to repaint the deck but i'm happy with it.
  17. Adjustment for headlights?

    Thanks guys that's a big help.