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  1. Aircon stopped working

    Did anyone else's car stink like rotten eggs with ac and curry with the heater on after the evap was replaced?
  2. Oz S550 spotted thread

    Didn't seem unreasonable at all, was most impressed by the discreteness of the side pipes though, I'd definitely order it if I didn't have an exhaust already
  3. Oz S550 spotted thread

    Spotted a white GT with Cervini side pipes... looked and sounded the goods :)
  4. CIA thoughts

    are you unhappy with your current air intake temperatures?
  5. (Australia) My crappy experience with KPM Motorsport (Streetfighter) in SA

    can you post a pic of the plugs that got pulled out? also can you post a pic of the oil breathers?
  6. (Australia) My crappy experience with KPM Motorsport (Streetfighter) in SA

    Are these the same guys that tune a car to "replicate" the sound of a lumpy cam?
  7. Huge news - Mustang only manages 2 STAR ANCAP safety rating

    It must be a challenging time for the big dog lol, first the new super rare limited edition super snake comes out, the my18 gets revealed and now he gets stuck with a 2 star safety rating.... :clap2::clap2::clap2:
  8. Oz S550 spotted thread

    Spotted MREDGT the other day, white GT with blacked out tail lights, headlights, indicators, i think a gt350r style spoiler and what looks to be a super aggressive stance using 25 mm spacers.
  9. Huge news - Mustang only manages 2 STAR ANCAP safety rating

    The only thing that I would want as an option would be the 5.2 Voodoo motor.
  10. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Is that what really happened, what were your findings?
  11. How to create the burble ? Exhaust notes of supercharged S550s

    To be clear... you want to replicate the sound of a flat 6 rear mid or rear mounted motor with a front engined 5litre v8 that probably has an extra 8 feet of exhaust length?:ninja:
  12. Aussie Exhausts

    wait til you fire it up for the first time ;)
  13. Paint Protection

    I can call Michael Jackson at the Neverland ranch and even if Bubbles himself answered the phone and said he used it on the car from the moonwalker video I'm still going to have a hard time believing it if he is selling it to me...... From the SEMA website it appears that of the 10 possible...
  14. Aussie Mustang - Oil change warning

    From Ford Facebook Hi Will, thanks for your message. We are still awaiting information regarding your question and once we have the right answer we will let you know! Thanks for your patience Thanks, FordService^LB
  15. Paint Protection

    Not that i don't believe you but i checked the F1 sites and the only team that has a g techniq as a partner/sponsor is Force India and given that they are going at 0/171 starts maybe its not the answer they were looking for? Also 150+ companies won the same awards at SEMA.... 19 judges...
  16. Aussie Mustang - Oil change warning

    and to think in 10-12 years most of these cars will be running cheap turbo's, filling up 1.25 litre coke bottle catch cans every run or two down the highway....
  17. Aussie Mustang - Oil change warning

    Haha, ,mine came on at 6300 today as well
  18. Do wider fronts increase tramlining?

    Growing up where I did, tramlining had a whole different meaning....