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  1. Rumour: GT350 for OZ

    Nice to see this rumour is still doing the rounds, I placed a deposit a couple of years ago in the off chance that one might come. I still don't think it is coming and haven't heard anything to the contrary as Burkey indicated above there are many hurdles they need to get over first

    This might offend a few people but the Mustang should never have raised their price as much as they did. It is not worth anywhere near the money they are asking for it, this special edition is just another way to loot consumers. You have placed the car up against Euro's and Ford's build...
  3. Hennessey Heritage Mustang by Streetfighter

    They have no hope of being able to do a 3.3 in a mustang. But please prove me wrong

    Just read on the facebook that someone has forked out $90k for this driveaway, A fool and their money......
  5. Hennessey Heritage Mustang by Streetfighter

    0-60mph in 3.3 seconds, I can't wait to see Streetfighter replicate this. When will you post the video of this amazing feat in a S/C RWD V8?
  6. Loss of power/Jerky acceleration

    Puma don't use BP fuel, they use S-Oil based fuel and change their additives once here. Either way 98 shouldn't be fouling your spark plugs Push back on Ford because you followed the manual and filled up 98 octane only. I'm no tuning expert but one 'bad' tank isn't going to. Be enough to foul...
  7. Loss of power/Jerky acceleration

    Burkey you know Ford doesn't use logic or any form of intelligence like that. You are 100% right though. Fuel passes through a few places before the spark plugs
  8. DIY Whipple on a budget (of sorts).

    I know a great tuning shop Burkey
  9. Oz Spec 2018 GT Dyno results.

    Okay so a reputable shop has put an Auto 2018 on the dyno and their resullts showed 271.9rwkw. A very long way from Herrod and other shops who use happy Dyno's. By way of comparison my old car (2015 Manual GT) on this dyno made 246.9kw stock. So that is a difference of 25kw They...
  10. Oz Spec 2018 GT Dyno results.

    Herrod is known to have a dyno which produces figures about 5-10% higher than other dyno's so I would take this with a grain of salt until other providers start tuning the cars.
  11. [FS] Aus-MustangGT Parts Sell off: Carbon Fibre, Car Cover, Decklids (Vic)

    Haven't been trying to sell these of late. I have the following parts for sale. Feel free to make a reasonable offer Car Cover with lock and logo Amsoil Transmission Oil Australian Decklid (with opticoat) US Decklid
  12. The argument for/against the 2018 Mustang.

    Did somebody say queue jumper? :lol:
  13. DIY Whipple on a budget (of sorts).

    I'm glad to see that someone is giving this a shot. Great work mate, I hope you create a monster and put some companies to shame :cheers:
  14. Lund tune with issues???

    Herrod uses a hub dyno I think, but their dyno has a reputation of being a little bit happy. But you are 100% correct a dyno isn't always the most accurate reading either but it gives you an idea of the power, speed and quarter times are affected by far too many things. Driver mod is...
  15. Lund tune with issues???

    But it gets a bit boring without the multiple Yuvi's and the big dog! How can we have fun otherwise? :lol:
  16. Lund tune with issues???

    Not quite sure what you mean by a pick and choose warranty? Or is that the standard Ford Australia approved method of getting warranty claims passed? :lol:
  17. Lund tune with issues???

    Drag strip times take into account so many different things other than a tune - Drivers ability - Weight reduction - Tyres, wheels - Short shifter - Suspension - Engine tune - Weather So are you trying to say that your tune is greater than the sum of everything else that goes into a...
  18. Lund tune with issues???

    Wasn't a shipping mishap at all, I received and subsequently returned the ngauge to Lethal. Lund was the company that did not provide me with the tune. As for having the "fastest known NA, M6, full weight, S550 in Australia over the 1/8th (headers, catback, CAI, tune. No Inlet manifold or...
  19. Lund tune with issues???

    You're rather aggressive these days Josh, is Ford no longer treating you well? :shrug: Lund is not a proper custom tune as you said they start with a base tune and tweak from there. Would that base tune not be a canned tune? I would love to see your recourse to a US provider if something...
  20. Lund tune with issues???

    LOL Burkey how many times did you want me to repeat the same troubles. Ordered a product and never received the product. Internet transactions are based on trust blah blah. If you are getting great results from lund then that's good for you but there is no way you can say that a canned tune...