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  1. Dealership pricing on a second hand EB versus a new HPP

    I would be looking for at least a 10-15% discount if you are buying new
  2. ETIS and Window Sticker Process

    what a crap process.. You cant even track the damn car once its built. What happened to being able to find out what ship etc!!!!!?! Ford you suck
  3. Show me your stripes!

    Given the 51 pages.. does anyone have a 2018+ velocity blue with satin black stripes with red pin? gt350 style? i am considering it but not sure
  4. For those who bought recently, is there much play in the price?

    I just ordered a gt today. Yes there is huge play in the price... Go for broke. Worst case is they say no
  5. Who is upgrading to a 2018

    anyone in melb who has a first run delivery of an 18 and wouldnt mind showing me the car please let me know. I am on the fence with ordering and want to see what the fit and finish is like this time around

    hhaah yes.. it is funny. Its going to be a great car. But being "selected" as this guy is saying is somewhat overkill. There will be a lot more than 250 cars.

    there is some guy on the facebook group who has been told there are only 250 cars coming.. i tried to suggest there will be many more. I was politely flamed by all
  8. DIY Whipple on a budget (of sorts).

    see now this is interesting. As much as seeing some huge hp cars come from tuners its much better to see a backyard build up like this. Just dont blow it up :)
  9. Who is upgrading to a 2018

    i would get that in writing.. it will not be july for a my19
  10. Who is upgrading to a 2018

    I am pretty sure that any car ordered past the December cutoff Is gong to be an my19
  11. 2019 - Velocity blue

    Agree! It’s strange and bloody irritating
  12. 2019 - Velocity blue

    We had a velocity blue in aus a few years back on the au falcon. If it’s that color I hate it. It’s like a metallic grabber but lighter...
  13. 2019 - Velocity blue

    Thanks. Can’t decide if I hate it or love it
  14. 2019 - Velocity blue

    Evening folks. Does anyone have a pic of what could be the velocity blue? Is it a metallic color?
  15. Who is upgrading to a 2018

    yes but its a 2019 standard not a 2018
  16. Who is upgrading to a 2018

    hmm i was just informed on the my19... Velocity blue and Green. All models now have the b&O stereo and also rev matching on the manual gt.. FFS why cant they just keep it as an average car. I was all set to buy a cla45 now i am rethinking my decision.
  17. Who is upgrading to a 2018

    Makes me wonder if the only my2018 cars were those places on order in that initial December dealer order. All cars from then will be 2019
  18. Maxton Design Splitter/sideskirt kit for 2015+ mustangs

    lol :) if you go search for posts by Yuvi you can read about him :)
  19. Maxton Design Splitter/sideskirt kit for 2015+ mustangs

    this kid doesnt live in america and australia.. he also doesnt even have a car.. its his dads i believe. not this again!
  20. Maxton Design Splitter/sideskirt kit for 2015+ mustangs

    wtf when did Yuvi move to america? i guess he has 500 cars there?