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  1. US bonnet, primed ready to paint

    OK, new year so this needs to go as I don't have time to do anything with it otherwise it'd already be hanging on the wall. $1000 ono
  2. US bonnet, primed ready to paint

    Yes, the whole year hasn't really gone to plan. Lot of family health issues, work's been busy, lots of little things on top. I'm months behind on several personal projects.
  3. Maisto 1/24 "Assembly Line" 2015 Mustang

    Forgot I bought this but found it today cleaning up. Bought this with the intention of repainting it to match my car but that never happened. It's basically the same as their regular diecast except you get to assemble it (which is why I thought it'd be the best choice to re colour) and it comes...
  4. US bonnet, primed ready to paint

    Make me an offer, you might be surprised. I want this gone but don't have time to do anything with it. I'm having an extremely busy year work wise which is leaving me next to no personal time to get my own projects done and everything is piling up.
  5. US bonnet, primed ready to paint

    Still available.
  6. Oops!

    Well it is at the back end so with an off like that the pucker is understandable and not surprising it still hasn't unclenched.
  7. Dashcams

    Just Google "add a circuit". IMO they're the easiest things to use. I've used them for several installs on several cars. You just make one wire connection and they then just plug in like any fuse. Hardest part is making sure you buy the right size.
  8. Ceva

    There's a holding yard in Minto IIRC but I'm near their distribution point in Villawood.
  9. Who's got the new 2018 coming?

    I've seen several this week though yet to see Fury or Kona in person. Just the usual colours, red, black, white and grey. Still not keen on the front end changes but if I were buying one, Fury is the colour to have IMO. It's the same standout colour as Grabber was previously and totally...
  10. Ceva

    It used to be all the way to the dealer but can't say for certain that it still is. Saw my first MY18s at the CEVA yard on the corner today and a few on their trucks heading out.
  11. Aircon stopped working

    Sound tube perhaps?
  12. Oil cooler failure - first hand experiences?

    I'd say it's all modern cars. There was a recent discussion on another forum I visit and the general consensus was car reliability improved steeply through the 80s, levelled out in the 90s and started declining again around 2005.
  13. Oil cooler failure - first hand experiences?

    Ford offer something I think called My Ford extended warranty. AFAIK it's genuine Ford warranty and not the third party one most dealers try to push.
  14. Mustang for Supercars next year

    They're petty much all the same car, just different bodies. That's why the whole Ford Vs Holden thing is so ridiculous IMO. It was understandable back in the old touring car days when they were using converted road cars but it became a shell game (literally and figuratively) with the supercar...
  15. Anyone shipped wheels through freight forwarder recently?

    Amex customer service is also outstanding in terms of buyer protection. They've helped me out on several occasions. Not as widely accepted as others and you occasionally have higher fees but those little inconveniences are well worth it when you need them to back you up. I couldn't think of...
  16. US bonnet, primed ready to paint

    No worries, I won't be doing anything with it for a few weeks at least. Way too busy with work and other staff away.
  17. Anyone shipped wheels through freight forwarder recently?

    I had a problem with Shipito recently and would strongly recommend avoiding them. Basically they flat out lied to me. Shipped an exhaust (a rare new in box no longer in production system) over, paid for insurance, extra bubble wrap, fragile stickers etc. Arrived to me with some damage to the...
  18. US bonnet, primed ready to paint

    Sorry to hear that. Guarantee a new one from Ford AU will cost more but insurance company may not care, may class it as a mod and then want to charge more or may be happy to give you the option.
  19. Free maps update with every service

    I've seen on a Ranger forum that 1.17 is apparently out. I'm still on 1.15. had the car serviced a few weeks ago and asked for them to be updated but they weren't. Complained when they called as a follow up and was told they'd have them call me to arrange to come in but of course they haven't so...