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  1. How to Enable Heated/Cooled after Swapping from Base to Premium Seats

    Has anyone been able to check the voltage required to function the H/C seat function?
  2. Differential cover bolts

    I found the correct socket for them. It's a E-Torx socket. I had to buy a set from Home Depot. The socket size is a E-18.
  3. Differential cover bolts

    Does anyone know what socket I'm suppose to use to remove the bolts in the rear differential cover? is it a External torx socket?
  4. Going through O2 sensors....

    this is what i use on my car. i havn't had a bad o2 sensor since.
  5. BMR Suspension Specials at RDP Store

    can you pm me me prices on BK055, BK051, and TR005R?
  6. IN STOCK!!! New Sync3 theme navigation from Moddiction!

    anyone have any updates on when they are coming out with a new batch? I've tried to get a hold of them for about a week now without any luck.
  7. Tuners in the denver area.

    Call Elite Performance and Tuning.
  8. DSS 1/2 Shafts Driveshaft etc Free Shipping at RDP Store

    do you guys have the DSS 2000hp axles?
  9. DSS 1/2 Shafts Driveshaft etc Free Shipping at RDP Store

    can you PM me a price on the DSS 800, 1400 and aluminum driveshaft for 6 speed manual trans.
  10. Will they fit? 20x10 and 20x11 tsw Bathurst

    Ok. Thank you for answering my question . Any 5mm spacers you recommend?
  11. Will they fit? 20x10 and 20x11 tsw Bathurst

    20x10 +40 I believe.
  12. My Loss Your Gain Part Out

    Do you still have the oem sound tube?
  13. Will they fit? 20x10 and 20x11 tsw Bathurst

    Does anyone have a pic of the inside mounting surface of the Bathurst? I got the wheels on order and I was thinking of putting a 15mm spacer up front so the wheel sits more flush with the fender. But my concern would be that I need to make sure that when I install the hubcentric spacer the...
  14. Whipple Flare tool questions

    Nevermind. I got it figured out.
  15. Whipple Flare tool questions

    So i just recently installed my Stage 2 Whipple, and now i'm ready for the tune. I sent Whipple my info to get my Voucher #, I received the number from Whipple and tried to download the tune but i'm unable to download anything. I opened up the flare app, go to downloader, entered in my...
  16. Stainless Power $100 Rebate!!!!

    dammit.... I wished I knew about that. I would have waited a couple days to order mine to recieve this rebate.