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  1. 2022 GT500 Heritage Edition turned some heads at C&C

    Very nice. Enjoy !
  2. New Carbon Fiber for my CFTP

    AAhh ok. Either way your car looks great. Honestly, I think the CF decklid can fit in with the Carbonize grey cars, or perhaps black cars without looking out of place perhaps ? I like my black though, matches up with my roof and wing.
  3. New Carbon Fiber for my CFTP

    Tom the CF looks on your car. You need the defuser now to complete the look.
  4. Morimotos New S550 Tail Lights

    Those rears are nice. Having the Euro style with the Carbonized grey and black.....that might be the look indeed!
  5. CFTP Wing

    What is the base Wing made of ? I looked at the other gloss black wing, but I was wondering about the supports.
  6. Considering selling the Shelby for a Mach 1…

    The Mach1 is very nice. The whipple statement thru me off though. So do you want a MACH1 just for a manual ? There was a thread were a company was doing manual conversions for GT500's. Perhaps you should look to that thread.
  7. Anderson Composites GT500 CFTP Wing Showed Up..

    oO I am digging that vibe. Very well put together. As for the wing, its nice, the damage sucks, I wonder how much it would be to get fix ? I am sure those things could be repaired. Are you going to use the GT4 mounts I take it ? Surprising how much higher the mounts are side by side.
  8. CFTP Wing

    I have to agree with Tom. AC could be a bit more forthcoming with their information. Reading through this thread does not give me the warm and fuzees. It seems all companies now, no matter the REAL situation says "supply chain" problems.
  9. Signature Wheel’s GT500 Adventures

    @50Deep you link did not work. Says its not there. Great looking rims on those cars. Keep at it.
  10. Thoughts: GT350R to a GT500

    @TMC GT500 : Fathouse could have gotten your R where you wanted it :) But all that aside, I had the same option, (non R) but I decided as I said before for the GT500. Newer tech, did not give up handling, and man the power. Also I have been in the ring with Ford about mods and warranty, though I...
  11. 2022 GT500 Builder is live

    Second this. I build out a purple CFTP with black roof. Yes I would rock that hard. But honestly I love my Carbonized grey as well :)
  12. Thoughts: GT350R to a GT500

    I had this issue just last month. I had a 2017 GT350 with a gen2 motor. It had 8200 miles. I had on the table the same car you are looking at, Carbonized Grey and 10 miles. I had the options of doing a power adder with Fathouse, or buying a GT500. In the end, I bought the GT500. I received...
  13. CFTP Wing

    That Function Factory wing looks good.
  14. Need help ASAP

    Wow good you checked and better that you fixed it. I am not even sure how someone thought that was even correct ! Anytime a hose has to "wrap around" something is a clear and present warning that its not correct.
  15. Decision Time - upgrade

    Interesting. I went for the base model I have because it had all the options I wanted. I was wary of the CF rims, and the wing was not a must have. Though cool, I did not need to have it. is the 24k being added to the loan you already have ? I would say with lower miles, and what the wing and...
  16. Carbonized Gray or Bronze??

    Very nice pics ! Heh Ford needs to make that colour! Man I wish I was a bit more handy with picture taking. I absolutely suck at it.
  17. Velgen finished my new rims, WOW.

    Yes, the lighting in the pic makes it look harsh, but a interesting colour combo. I always say stand out, don't be like everyone else.
  18. Carbon Fiber Splitter Wickers

    Looks nice. I think the entire front on Carbon Fiber(splitter) would look good. I may look into that in the future.
  19. Anyone running MoTec?

    For the OP, I would suggest you ask in the GT350 forums. Fathouse does a lot of work on those cars, I seriously considered taking my GT350 there for the 800 package before I found my 21. There are several people who have the Motec system with their turbo build.