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  1. 2022 GT500 order thread

    Very thankful to have a confirmed order at MSRP for a ‘22 GT500. I haven’t bought a new Mustang since my ‘14 GT500 but I went with this spec: Eruption Green Black painted roof Handling pack Tech pack Recaros CF interior Black car cover Who else has a ‘22 GT500 order confirmed? -J
  2. Best tire upgrade? Toyo R888R?

    I know very few have been delivered and that they come with a very nice set of Michelin PS4s, but a tire upgrade would be one of the first things I’d do. How does the car perform with the R888Rs? -J
  3. Has anyone weighed a CFTP car?

    Was just thinking about this while watching a video of a Redeye weighing 4460#. I know I’ve seen at least one base GT500 weigh in at 4080# in private owner hands. The CFTP cars are hard to find, but has anyone seen one weighed privately? -J
  4. 2019 R build timeframe

    I was offered a 2019 GT350R at MSRP that I can order. The local dealer won an R lottery and already put in an order, but want me to change to my specs if possible. I really want to change the body color and exterior package (definitely black roof, debating stripes) and also need to know a...