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  1. Official RTR Tech 7 Install Thread!

    Thank you, just what I needed to know
  2. Official RTR Tech 7 Install Thread!

    Thread bump! Have been reading this thread with interest. I have eibach lowering springs (1 inch drop) and am considering staggered 20s I e. 9.5 front and 10.5 rear). Will this cause any rubbing issues?
  3. Lotus Emira, stunning

    I have also put a deposit down on the Emira. There has been a huge amount of demand and I think Lotus have been taken by surprise by the interest, so I just hope they will be sensible with the pricing of the V6 otherwise a lot of people will be asking for their deposit back. Still, it's great...
  4. Lowering springs and wheel spacers

    Thanks Phil, good to know ref springs. I have 20mm spacers all round on my GT which sits pretty much perfectly. If the Mach 1 wheels are half an inch wider then I'm guessing you'd need about an extra 10mm to get them flush with the arches but be good if anyone could confirm.
  5. Lowering springs and wheel spacers

    Has anyone fitted lowering springs and wheel spacers to their non-handling pack Mach 1? I understand that the Mach 1 has differently tuned suspension to the regular GT performance pack (although still has a pretty big arch gap), so would it need specific springs? And with the wheels being...
  6. wider wheels but same tire width . why?

    Thanks, be interesting to know if running wider tyres makes much difference in the real world. I'm sure someone will try at some point!
  7. wider wheels but same tire width . why?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but as the Mach 1 (non HP) wheels are wider than the standard GT wheels would it be crazy to fit wider tyres? I own a 2017 GT (but contemplating a Mach 1) and always felt they could do with a bit more rubber at the rear, so getting wider tyres on the stock Mach...
  8. Boot lid seam corrosion/rust help

    Ford's service levels are most as bad as your grammar. Learn to use a comma dude!
  9. 2021 Mach 1 Reviews Compilation

    What is ACC?
  10. 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 UK/EU Specs Released

    Seriously tempted to pull the trigger on a Mach 1. Shame we don't get all the options in the UK but as it says above most will be available through the aftermarket. Will definitely need lowering springs and spacers though.
  11. GT350 questions from the UK

    Hi all, Later in the year, I’m considering buying and importing a GT350 to the UK. For the last 4 years I have been driving a Mustang GT, but as is often the way am looking for the next step up in terms of performance. I always loved the GT350 and was really disappointed that there weren’t...
  12. Failed my first MOT

    Got my first MOT tomorrow. Hoping it will sail through. Good luck getting it sorted
  13. Sync 3 and Android phones (Android 10)

    I use android auto and find it great. No hassle plugging in and keeps the battery topped up which is a bonus. I use Google maps and Spotify mainly, which work really well for me. This is the cable set I ordered, the short one is perfect for the USB connection at the front of the car...
  14. Tax, the future, emissions etc

    Storm in a teacup, stop fretting. The government won't make ICE cars more expensive to run after 2030. New electric cars are expensive to buy, so it would be punishing those on lower incomes who can't afford new cars which will be politically unpopular. They with be far more concerned about...
  15. 5 Years of Mustang Bliss

    I feel exactly the same way. There's nothing you can get that's remotely as special/exciting without spending a lot more money or getting something 10+ years old with the risk of big bills. I reckon she's a keeper.
  16. Mach 1 confirmed for EU and UK (Full Press release and Photos)

    Does anyone know when prices/specs will be announced in the UK? Also really interested to read/watch some reviews to see how much of an improvement the Mach 1 is over the regular Mustang GT. Many owners (myself included) have made handling modifications to their standard GT, so will the Mach 1...
  17. New member, looking for advice

    Agreed, if they can keep these under £60k fully specced it will be tempting
  18. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Thanks, it's from these guys:
  19. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Here's mine. Just love how it looks and a pretty rare sight in the UK!
  20. Only in a Mustang would a tractor driver give you a thumbs up!

    Review of the upgraded model by the same chap.