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  1. Contemplating selling

    No harm in admitting it just isn't the best fit for you. Happens with women (hopefully before marriage), houses, jobs, etc. Personally never thought this car was a daily driver. If you can't take road trips or hit the track. the joy of ownership measured in smiles per mile falls off.
  2. Curiouser and curiouser

    Well an interesting thing has happened with my 2017 GT350. Now has 35,000 miles and have driven it the same manner the entire life of car (let's just say a radar detector and a lot of spirited driving when it's safe). Although initial oil use was one quart at 3300 miles, had settled down to one...
  3. Honey Badger's Completely Off-the-Rails Build and Adventure Thread

    I know they are just tweaking you, but as an owner of a 3500HD Silverado turbodiesel with Allison transmission, I really think for us normal folks and any towing we would do, the Dodge, Ford, and Chevy really are very comparable, unlike cars which are a much more invested personal choice.
  4. GT350 breakover angle?

    Man, I wish mine came with that same remote you got so I could park it in such a tight space without having to worry about door clearance to exit the car.
  5. The end of a GT350

    @Angrey making a good case for a better traction control system. However, if I am not an expert driver in a high HP car I am actually better off without the current traction control system on? I have a hard time buying that. Not sure but I bet if every GT350 owner turned of their traction...
  6. The end of a GT350

    If that was a debris trail, would it be wrong to speculate that speed was a factor? Nannies off or on? Thought roads in the UK were kph, not mph?
  7. Oil Change situation

    Although, doesn't matter which style you have they all have to be torqued properly so under tightening can happen with either type and being certain to mention it to any tech experienced or not is a good idea.
  8. Oil Change situation

    I assume from your post that you have not previously changed your own oil and that the service center you went to is not a Ford dealership. If that is the case, make double sure when they put on the new filter that they torque it to spec, not just hand tighten, which they may not know to do...
  9. Prices are on the rise......

    @UpACurb. That's hilarious. It is unfortunate that with a dearth of true comedy these days some people just don't seem to appreciate good sarcasm.
  10. FL 2087 update (interesting information)

    I know it's borderline heresy, but are there any scientific studies on engine damage or longevity if every once in a while an oil change without replacing the filter is really that bad?
  11. Prices are on the rise......

    This thread reminds me of the ADM thread. Is it worth it or isn't it? So now people are paying a $35-40K ADM equivalent on a used car. We used to bitch about $5K. smh.
  12. Teardown and rebuild Thread: Converting GT350 race motor to CPC

    I thought the only 5.2L CPC crate engine was the Aluminator and not street legal. Am I wrong?
  13. Teardown and rebuild Thread: Converting GT350 race motor to CPC

    My thought is the same. Unfortunately for those of us without your talents, for street use there isn't a 5.2L CPC available, correct? Wonder if the cost to have someone build and install one for us would be much cheaper than just replacing the voodoo? Doesn't look like the S650 will come with a...
  14. Slight Oil Overfill Advice

    1) Dipstick not completely accurate as to how much oil is in crankcase, just a close approximation. More important as a benchmark for you. 2) Think you are fine. 3) Manual says to check level after bringing up to temp, waiting 15 minutes then checking. While a lot of people apparently check...
  15. Over rev report

    If you do do an engine refresh let us know what it does to your oil consumption issue.
  16. Market bubble and electric restrictions vs value

    OP, thank you for clarifying, happy to stand corrected, and pardon me if I offended you. I am not upset. I certainly misinterpreted your intent as there seemed to me a bit of incongruity. The point I was trying to make is the purpose of a car is to be driven, just as the purpose of a house is...
  17. Market bubble and electric restrictions vs value

    Correct me if I am wrong but it seems you have made very clear you are not a GT350 enthusiast and want to use this car for what it was made for (DRIVING!!). Rather you are an investor who wants something of value like a nice painting hanging on a wall to eventually flip for something else. While...
  18. High Mileage GT350 Next Steps - Recommendations

    I think this is good advice. However, given oil usage I wonder as long as you are going this far, wouldn't it make sense to replace the engine block as well since there may be an element of blow by responsible for the oil consumption dependent on the cylinders rather than just the pistons and...
  19. So Calif 5.2 engine builder/ track car mods

    And what exactly did they do?
  20. Michelin Pilot Sport 5 Improves On The Best Tire In The World

    But most importantly will they be in the correct OEM sizes front and rear for the GT350, unlike the 4S?