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  1. Anyone Dyno, Has physically Seen, ESS System 800+RWHP?

    Considering how superior they are I figured they’ve seen 1000+ and ran 8s no problem
  2. Solarflare’s *better late than never* build thread

    Fore rails are in. Gotta clean the 1300x next to install them.
  3. Solarflare’s *better late than never* build thread

    Super 8.8 IRS 2015+ mustang 3.55 gears for sale. Came out of a basically new gen3 diff and are in great condition. $150 buyer pays PP fees and split shipping.
  4. Solarflare’s *better late than never* build thread

    Figured I’d throw an update. Not much going on. Our local track is permanently closed and when’re hoping someone buys it to keep it open, otherwise it’s going to be a Walmart warehouse. I’m doing some basic maintenance to prep the car in case a pass can be made at a track next fall. I got some...
  5. Turbosmart raceport + Gates belt = MOAR BOOOST

    Honestly, dont care what boost gauge says. Good belt, properly tensioned, good tune. If its flowing good air the log will tell you. go to the dyno or the track.
  6. 2018 Active Exhaust Install Guide

    Mine is done. Sounds pretty good. nice and quiet when closed.
  7. Procharger belt size

    635 seems tight for a 4”/8” lower. But hey if it works it works. I run a 655 with that setup and it’s about 70-75% on the tension range
  8. Cooling mods needed?

    Thermostat only if your tuner lowers the fan settings
  9. NA intake manifold MADNESS

    Oh boy did I just stumble over to the NA section?? We still discussing manifolds in 2022?
  10. Broken crankshaft

    Honestly, I don’t think about it. Looking back, if I did, I’d have wasted a whole lot of time thinking about something that hasn’t happened. Hell I might have psyched myself out of many track outings.
  11. What is the highest octane recommended for a supercharged engine

    To be honest highly doubt he'll get anything from mixing some race gas besides some knock suppression.
  12. Procharger Stg 2 kit…throws DOWN @TX2K!!! Hello 7’s

    Well done Toy Cobra, not bad at all considering it’s not “the lightest, most efficient, pound for pound the best centri kit on the market”
  13. 2018 Active Exhaust Install Guide

    Mine flaps around, exhaust gases close it if you leave it open then rattles. Wire yours open or close before install and hopefully it won’t do it.
  14. 2018 Active Exhaust Install Guide

    yea it’s tough to reach up there. I tried with a small zip tie but didn’t go thru those 2 small holes, might have to give wire a shot, thanks.
  15. 2018 Active Exhaust Install Guide

    Hey fellas. Looking for some advice. My active mufflers just got put on car. Motors don’t get put on for 2 weeks but obviously I’d like to drive the car without the exhaust gases making the valve rattle, any tricks to securing them closed?
  16. What is the highest octane recommended for a supercharged engine

    if stoich deviates too much from pump you’ll need a tune. Just use octane booster or go e85