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  1. Florida BNIB - 2015-2017 FRPP Catback

    I’ll DM you the info
  2. Florida BNIB - 2015-2017 FRPP Catback

    If you decide you can/want to ship I will grab this off of you, would be shipped to TX.
  3. Coverking Rear Seat Delete

    Nice find, I didn't figure it would be that hard but that's way more detailed install video that I expected from a vendor. Thanks for this
  4. Coverking Rear Seat Delete

    100% agree, don't care about the added weight savings at that point It weights 22lb shipped in the box , id say likely under 20lb outside the box its pretty light. Also for anyone wondering, these are the supposedly the same one LMR and a few others sell for $100 bucks more. Can't confirm this...
  5. Lund racing tune

    Agreed, you just left out that s550's do not fall into that category as its not an option for them.
  6. Lund racing tune

    Bingo! You got it
  7. Lund racing tune

    I was referring to the post I responded too, which, was talking about unlimited tunes to a car. Maybe you aren't aware with some models you can purchase a set number of credits and once you hit that its "unlocked", just not applicable to most including s550's
  8. Lund racing tune

    For some cars sure, not for s550's or most mustangs for that part unless you are tuning 3.7's. For the ones that can it ranges from around 12-30 credits to unlock for that MODEL and Year
  9. Fuel pump noob question single pump Walbro/TI no venturi outlet

    That's is right between 92-93 octane Its actually closer to the 92 side once you do the conversion as well, im not even sure MS109 would get there as your there but defiantly closer. C85 would be a good target, but doubt the fueling currently could handle it, c16 would be nice but good by cats...
  10. Fuel pump noob question single pump Walbro/TI no venturi outlet

    Why spend all that money for power then risk blowing up your most expensive piece with no redundancy or proper fuel check. Spend the 1500-2k and protect a 20k rebuild, at the very least go with a road heavers setup if you just can't seem to come up with the extra money.
  11. Wreck?

    Who's grey mustang wrapped itself around a palm tree in west palm beach, hope whoever it was is ok...friend of friend was the EMT onsite saw some nasty pics from it.....
  12. Anyone running a Department of Boost kit?

    Its possible, i thought more had been sold than that but cant be for sure. Honestly once its in hand I will know, interested to see how the tensioners will fit and clearance on a few things, fuel rails and routing everything mainly. Im pretty sure the manifold will drop in no problems the...
  13. Anyone running a Department of Boost kit?

    Waiting for mine to come in, should be this month I am hoping everything else is just sitting here collecting dust...jason over there is SUPER open and helpful on everything which went a long way in deciding which direction to go.
  14. noob tune problem

    I have to agree , 26 mapped points Torque and Inverse along with the fantastic ability to tune cams to the letter are amazing...but my god even the 13's where not even this detail oriented. HDFX for the win!
  15. WTB: Roush Cold Air Off SuperCharger Kit / Heat Exchanger

    Looking for the sealed airbox cold air from the roush / frpp supercharger kit
  16. Zero to 60 Designs Mustang GTT

    Bahahaha ok so I am not the only detailed oriented person to sit here and see that sitting out like a sore thumb lol. I do not like the tail lights at all but get it for the overall design the deck lid and spoiler are fantastic the rest flows well and looks better colored like this
  17. Looking for lund nGauge for sale

    Suggest you grab this one quick, good price on it...not mine but just remembered you where looking for one.