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  1. Looking to Purchase Headers and Midpipe (w or without cats, doesn't matter).

    Ultimate headers on mine. Fit was great, install was not horrible.
  2. Dyno chart

    Yes 3.6 pulley, stock airbox.
  3. Dyno chart

    21 with a v3. Lth,h pipe stock catback.
  4. Dyno chart

    Hows this look?
  5. Drag radial questions

    Got a link? Very interested.
  6. Catch can

    What's everyone's opinion on best catch can for gen3 with a vortech?
  7. Colorado WTB Peanut butter interior

    Would like front and rear seats.
  8. Help choosing a BOV / bypass valve

    Mine was already mounted. Beefcake 900 hp setup.
  9. Help choosing a BOV / bypass valve

    Vortech. Same same.
  10. Help choosing a BOV / bypass valve

    B57 here. Sound is not overwhelming by any means.
  11. Catback that won’t wake the neighbors

    I did Corsa double h pipe with stock catback and it sounds just right.
  12. Fuel system time.

    Did you not go fore due to price, other factors?
  13. Fuel system time.

    Fore, Division X, Vmp plug and play. Whos got what and is it working for you? 21 Gt with a vortech want to pulley down and run E85 come spring.
  14. Vortech B57

    All installed and running for anyone that cares. Not nearly as loud as i thought it would be. Boost makes these cars a whole different animal to say the least.
  15. Vortech B57

    Thanks for the reply, I figured that would be the case.
  16. Vortech B57

    Anyone with this on a beefcake special vortech kit? Hoping this thing is not obnoxious.
  17. Lost on exhaust setup ideas

    Non active. I do not have any videos. I had a full corsa catback on order and returned the axle back portion. It's not loud its just right. It's mellow at idle and barks if you get on it.
  18. Lost on exhaust setup ideas

    I have the corsa double h pipe with stock everything else. Sounds great, louder but not obnoxious. Factory mufflers have a nice tight sound to them.