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  1. Stock 2016 mustang GT premium rotor

    any idea which banjo bolt washer I need to purchase? I appreciate your help man.
  2. Stock 2016 mustang GT premium rotor

    Any idea if I can use the stock caliper bolts or will I need to use different ones? I’m trying to purchase new ones and I don’t know which ones to order.
  3. Anyone Installed this spoiler
  4. Stock 2016 mustang GT premium rotor

    I currently have a 14 inch rotor on my 16 GTP can that be upgraded to a 15 inch rotor with a 6 piston caliper ?
  5. Clutch Spring

    Yea I was wondering the same thing ! Thanks keep me posted .
  6. Clutch Spring

    Just wondering if anyone has replaced there clutch spring. I have seen some videos on YouTube of people using the Steeda one. Just wondered if it is worth it and if it is as easy to I stall as it looks. From what some people have said it is suppose to help with some of the rough shifts? Thanks
  7. Bought a set of Brembo Takes Offs

    I bought a pair of Brembo take offs and they came with the rotors. I’m going to be putting them on a 16 GT premium what do I need to purchase so they will fit?
  8. Brembo PP1 take offs

    If I buy some brembo take offs off of EBay what rotors and brake pads do I need to purchase ?
  9. Wheel Brands

    Are the replica wheels on American muscle for the GT350 and PP1 wheels not a good option?
  10. Wheel Brands

    225-265 per wheel would be nice
  11. Wheel Brands

    So are the voxx wheels not a good brand ?
  12. Wheel Brands

    I’m trying to decide on wheels and quality in construction. My 16 GT isn’t a daily driver and it is stored in the winter time. The roads in Ohio do suck though and pot holes aren’t uncommon. I have been looking at some of the GT350 and GT500 replica wheels on American muscle not sure about...
  13. Cold air intake

    that’s great to know I have a 2016 . So I would be better off to buy a OEM for a 18 plus than a air raid or a roush aftermarket? I’m not worrying so much about a HP gain the car already has plenty. If it sounds better and feels a little better in the throttle I would for sure do it.
  14. Big Brake Kits vs. PowerStop Brake Kits

    Do I just search for brembo take offs then ?
  15. Cold air intake

    I’m looking to purchase a cold air intake that doesn’t require a tube. The reason being if I do a tune it voids the warranty. With that being said I’m looking at either the air raid or the roush just wanted to see if it is worth the money to do it without a tune? Also what can I expect? Thanks
  16. Big Brake Kits vs. PowerStop Brake Kits

    Where do I find these?
  17. Big Brake Kits vs. PowerStop Brake Kits

    Street warriors it is then that is gonna save me a ton of bucks.
  18. Big Brake Kits vs. PowerStop Brake Kits

    Angrey thanks for your response I will be buying the street warriors after reading that post. Thank you so much.
  19. Big Brake Kits vs. PowerStop Brake Kits

    I'm looking to upgrade my brakes on my 2016 GT Premium. I am not a drag racer or a street racer , but I would like to have some brakes that look nice and perform nice. I have looked at multiple options and the big brake kits look great, but are super pricey. My question is what's the main...
  20. AMR Rims and GT350-500 Rims

    Who actually makes AMR rims are they good quality? I’m really between having black rims or charcoal rims and AMR has some nice looking Charcoal ones. Also who makes the GT500 wheels on American muscle?