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  1. Steeda h pipe to magnaflow resonator?

    Thats what im thinking. I could order the full 3" kooks elbows and do v bands to the stInless bro dual muffler and a h pipe just in front like mike did. And go 3" at least to the end of the steeda h pipe. Depending on what a welder would charge to cut off the 2.5" area and put a v band on it...
  2. Modifying Exhaust

    Oh, thats not to bad at all then. Thank you.
  3. Steeda h pipe to magnaflow resonator?

    Took me about 15 hours to do spaced over 4 afternoons after work. It wasnt really "hard" just ungodly slow of a process. I did find a trick that helped me speed up a little bit as the studs have to come out of the right side head as well (at least on 18 and up) . I just cracked the nuts loose...
  4. Steeda h pipe to magnaflow resonator?

    HAHA. The mustang knows i want to do some exhaust work and it decided to help me after a "spirited" entry on the freeway yesterday. Right after i merged on the car sounded horrible. All the gauges were reading good (oil, water, fuel, ect). Pulled over and started to look around. Car spit the h...
  5. Modifying Exhaust

    Do you know the spacing of the stock vs the stainless bro duel resonator?
  6. Virginia Corsa or borla exhaust

    Got ya. Maybe update that your looking for touring or sport/s-type's.
  7. Virginia Corsa or borla exhaust

    Was just talking with him but its like 9 hour drive for me so i probably wont do it. Even if i make it a weekend vacation trip.
  8. Virginia Corsa or borla exhaust

    Corsa extremes for sale by a member in northern Virginia
  9. Steeda H or Borla switchfire X

    I have the steeda h pipe on mine. With the active exhaust it was perfect for me. After my long tubes it is way to loud for me. Im going to put some sort of resonator back on.
  10. Steeda h pipe to magnaflow resonator?

    Yeah, maybe i think full 3" is the way to go. Even if i go 3" to the axles for now and then finish it off later when i can. I have to pull $16k out the bank for a new driveway next month so 2 or 3 grand for a full exhaust isnt exactly on the list of priorities sadly
  11. Michigan WTB Front strut tower bar

    I live in harrison township, mi. I pulled mine for the supercharger. Its silver.
  12. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    I would like to know what you used for mufflers as well. I liked your review of the exhaust tones.
  13. Steeda h pipe to magnaflow resonator?

    Hmmm. Im whippled as well. Mayne i just do the bottle style resonators
  14. 2021 CS! Just got $2,000 to spend for upgrades. Where would YOU spend that money?

    2 grand to spend? Window tint and as much ppf as i could get.
  15. Steeda h pipe to magnaflow resonator?

    After the install of my catless long tubes my exhaust is a bit much for my tastes. To much rasp and a touch of drone on the factory active mufflers. I have the steeda h pipe on it now and im thinking of adding some bottle style resonators to it or switching to the magnaflow resonator. Does...
  16. Video recorder?

    Is there a video recorder like the chevy PDR that gives video feed from the camera as well as a hud display of info like mph/rpm, g force,ect?
  17. Out of the dozens of gt500 style bumpers......

    Thank you. That is exactly the info i was looking for.
  18. Georgia Price dropped 700$ RacemotionWorks parachutte 2015-2020 mustang gt

    Is it bad i dont need a chute but im twmpted for the intimation factor? Lol
  19. Vermont RTR Grille with LED light inserts for 2018+

    I will pay full price. And paypal works for me as well.