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  1. GT350 trailering wheels

    Have you considered a winch for your trailer? Pulling it on, when outside the car you can really watch whats happening. Use a snatch block, and that slows it down even more.
  2. Do you avoid or embrace car shows?

    Embrace. My favorites are the "cars and coffee", 1st thing in the morning, and cater to my attention span, an hour or 2, then I still have the rest of the day to do other things. Exceptions, Carlisle, we typically go as a family (wife and kids), and make a weekend of it. We have also done some...
  3. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    They don't seem to list the ones we have any longer. They were in the "tow ramp" section, 2 piece, 6" rise and they are around 6' long. They have a notch like these, where I drop the lift on the notch, and then a piece of wood to infill the notch. For our trailer, it has a flip out extra ramp...
  4. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Yes, I have 2 piece 6' race ramps with ~6" rise, for just this reason. Use them for trailer loading as well. I started with 2x12 wood, but didnt make them long enough, and they also slipped and moved around. Race ramps work much better for me.
  5. No More Camaros After 2023!!! Will Mustangs Follow???

    If the Camaro wasn't UGLY, and sold well, it would not be discontinued.
  6. Helmet Recommendations for Track Days & Autocross

    Yes the Simpson Hybrid works with any belt system, as basically it works on its own. It has a strap around your torso as the foundation. It has been the only option that works with 3 point OEM belts. You can also use it with 6 point harness as well with it (however bulky compared to a...
  7. Brakepad fade mystery

    Most if not all pads that advertise "low dust" are not going to survive heavy use. The pad is simply not able to handle the heat you are asking it to withstand. This is from Carbotech's website: "Carbotech™ 1521™ is NOT recommended for ANY track use". If your getting them that hot, your...
  8. Helmet Recommendations for Track Days & Autocross

    ^^^ Wow you were much luckier than Felipe Massa...... To the OP, is your looking for a "Hans" type device, but not looking to put 4, 5 or 6 point harnesses in your car, the Simpson Hybrid, is approved for use with 3 point OEM betls. I have both a Hans and the Hybrid for what ever car I am in...
  9. Aluminum Oxidation on Engine 2021 GT500

    I have dehumidifiers in our shop.
  10. Helmet Recommendations for Track Days & Autocross

    There are a lot of features in various helmet styles, but one you might want to pay attention to is weight. Lighter the better, easier on the neck under lateral loads. Bell is what fits my head, so I have stuck with the brand (I tried Simpson and Arai and did not fit). I'm on my 3rd. FYI...
  11. Bleeding brake procedure? Brembo upgrade.

    Consider one of these to make things a lot easier. I use it dry, and just watch the level in the reservoir, and fill as needed, much less messy than filling the bleeder tank with fluid.
  12. 24x36 2020 GT500 Dealership poster

    If anyone is looking for more, Ford images has a HUGE selection of images. You can get various sizes, printed on paper, canvas, or even a wall mural. If you get on their mailing list, there are codes for 30% off that come around. I have around a half dozen prints that i framed from here...
  13. street to track pads

    Add Padgid Yellow pads to your list. I have used a few sets of these. These pads survived track use (Im an experienced road racer), but they are also streetable. The squeak some when braking lightly, but does not bother me.
  14. 2019 gt350r oil change question

    Adding on to the pile, yes, I agree, that I would change it now. Congrats on the acquisition.
  15. Wondering what type of jacks to use with 4-post lift

    I stopped using jack trays, I now use Quickjacks on the lifts ramps. Some instances this even better than scissor jacks (we have another lift with these), as the jacks can wind up in the way. Sometimes, I also use tall jack stands on the floor, and lower the lift so the car raises off the lift...
  16. Enclosed Shipping

    You get what you pay for. My "cheap" transportation experiences, have had stories. My experiences with Reliable (my go to now), Interstate, Passport etc, have been flawless (more than 20 hauls).
  17. First 3 track days... What's next?

    Said with humor.... just stop.... Continued track days, might lead to irrational thoughts of getting a dedicated track car, and getting into full on road racing (ask me how I know). You might have this covered, but as you get faster, consider additional safety gear, like a harness set up, that...
  18. Pad for occasional track use?

    Most street pads, just do not survive track use, especially when you start to get quicker. There are a host of pads that are good for the track, but still "streetable" (true race pads are not good for the street as they need to be hot to work well). The pad I have had the most experience with on...
  19. Talk Me Out Of It 03 Cobra

    I would not talk you out of it, but we have Fox, SN-95, New edge, and S197 mustangs also. If you do get one, you will quickly be reminded what 20 years of development brings. BUT, that is part of the enjoyment, the driving "experience", its not all about ultimate performance (at least to me).