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  1. Sold my GT500 back to my dealer

    They paid your taxes too? Vroom offered me $5k over MSRP
  2. Stangmode has 2021 CFTP

    Don’t think anyone cares
  3. SuperSnake vs GT500

    DCT is def worth it. The super snake is nothing special, it’s regular 5.0 with a blower. There are many dealers out there that have dealer policy’s to only sell at MSRP. Just need to keep calling. 5.2 with DCT is def better than the 5.0 with standard 6spd/10spd
  4. 2020 GT500 Cold Air Induction Alternative

    I thought the JLT was an S&B filter. There is 2 alternatives out there now that S&B wouldn’t do any better than. No sense in waiting.
  5. Florida Gen 3 900hp stage 2 Vortech kit with upgrades.

    This is a solid 700hp kit on 93. Far from 900hp on any fuel with a 3.6 pulley.
  6. 1/4 mile drag times 2020 GT500 post them share them.

    Great mph! What pulley setup? And any cooling mods?
  7. Run for GT500

    Seems like it unless they run another year or 2 along side the S650 which I doubt.
  8. GT500 & C8

    GT500 won’t come near a c8 ZR1 for sure. But hopefully the z06 makes up that top end but I’m sure the torque will lack vs outgoing base c8.
  9. New 2020 GT500 Poor Quality Work From Ford

    It’s American and it’s Ford, you can’t expect perfection. The Shelbys for some reason have shit quality control while the regular mustang come out almost perfect. You’d think it would be the other way around.
  10. World's First Twin Turbo 2020 GT500 | VIDEO INSIDE!

    HPJ was first to TT the 2020 GT500. It’s out and tuned.
  11. 2020/21 Shelby GT500 Financing (Interest Rates)

    Use your own financing. You don’t need to go through the dealer.
  12. 1/4 mile runs with pbd tune only

    Nice! that’s some great DA. Did the Toyos dead hook at the track?
  13. The 2021 GT500 order guide & price list

    Looks like not much changes besides the new carbon handling package. Only thing I was worried about was sync 4 but looks like those won’t be making it to the s550 line up.
  14. so many used 2020 GT500's are for sale now...seems odd to me, 76 of them posted on Autotrader alone.

    Hellcat might have more HP but the redeye is a few cars slower than the 500 on the street and it can’t handle for shit. ZL1 1le handles but they’re slow. I had the 350 and compared to the 500, it’s night and day. I wouldn’t even look back at a 350. I did like the design of the 350 more though...
  15. Infamous BBQ/Typewriter tick..

    did you use the same factory oil?
  16. Texas Deleted

    Any year works 15+
  17. S197 VS S550 GT500

    Never liked the s197 body so I’d say s550 and you def can’t go wrong with a DCT. Those wheels on the 2020 do it no justice. Makes it look like a performance pack GT.
  18. GT500 Most Difficult To Detail?

    I use the absorber drying towel and always have great results.
  19. Borla GT500 Catback Exhaust

    I like the sound of the stock in track better.
  20. 6.8 liter in 2022/3 mustang?

    Not happening on such a mass produced GT. The gas mileage would be crap and deter all the regular buyers