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  1. Need help with some cosmetic updates in dfw

    I am inept and clumsy when it comes to smallest of the things. With that disclaimer out of the way let me ask the question that Intended to. I intend to update all exterior badesg on my 21 GT...this includes the pony on the front, the "5.0" on the sides and GT on the back. Is there a shop in dfw...
  2. Dealer Service Department Rec in North Dallas area

    I just got my gt premium and looking to make some cosmetic and small ticket mods...things like changing the shift know, adding a dash cam with wiring through headliner there a good place to do something like that in DFW aea?
  3. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    This looks great. I am assuming this is functional too, in case a tow is needed. Can you share the installation instructions and sourcing information?
  4. Ford pass

    Thanks. I did use my 42K points to get $210 credit for accessories.
  5. Dealer Service Department Rec in North Dallas area

    HI Brandon, your place is like a 120 Mile round trip... Can you recommend someone closer to Allen area. Also, can I even schedule one at your dealership since it is not Ford and Lincoln, but just Lincoln.
  6. Dealer Service Department Rec in North Dallas area

    Thanks Brandon. I am coming up on 1K on my new car. Couple of veterans here suggest that I change engine oil and oil filter at that point in time. Do you agree? And can I schedule a time directly with you when I come in for the service? Or if there is a way for me to request for you when making...
  7. Replacing Sift Knob

    Any pointer to where can I find racesneg and ashiko ?
  8. Dealer Service Department Rec in North Dallas area

    Are you still at the 5 Star Plano?
  9. Ford pass

    Any idea what is each point worth? I received 42000 points from if I were to use it for accessories at a dealer, would they be roughly equal to $42?420? Something else?
  10. Ford pass

    How do you use those points? And what all can you do with them?
  11. Anybody with really nice BLACK carpeted floor mats, front and rear? Please jump in.

    Thanks Bikeman. I have used kagu mats in other cars and they are truly top notch. Just ordered for Mustang. I was not able to find a trunk liner, any ideas?
  12. Order submitted GT premium. (Received 130 days later)

    Sure. I am waiting to get some decals and such done before I take it out for a golden hour shoot...right now its a pretty stock version. The dealer add ones were Tint (399!) and Etching (299). This whole nickle and diming at dealership is the poison pill that will kill this middle-year in next...
  13. Order submitted GT premium. (Received 130 days later)

    I just brought home a 2021 GT Premium - 401A, GT PP, MR, Active Exhaust, B&O, Manual. The dealer was right outside DFW metro. I got 4.7K under MSRP (which was 53.8K), but had $700 of add ons. If you are in the region, the best prices seem to be at a Houston Area dealership...which was another 1K...
  14. 2021 Build & Price - Granger Ford

    Thanks Zach.
  15. 2021 Build & Price - Granger Ford

    Hi Groovy - nice to meet you. Is it ok if I can DM you regarding the transportation etc?
  16. 2021 Build & Price - Granger Ford

    Thanks Zach! I really appreciate your help. Please see the sticker below.
  17. 2021 Build & Price - Granger Ford

    I was hoping to get it without having to bug him.
  18. 2021 Build & Price - Granger Ford

    All - I am negotiating a Mach 1 with a local dealer who is willing to match the offer as long as I can show him a written offer. Can someone here share the offers that you have got from Zach and team? I do not want to bug Zach to give me an offer as my intent is to buy locally and take a trip...
  19. Window Sticker

    Is there a website that we can use to pull these? I am considering a few vehicles and invariably the dealer doesnt have the sticker, without which it becomes very hard to verify things like Performance Packs, Magne Ride etc. Rather than bothering folks on this thread, I was hoping to find a...