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  1. Selling my 2017 GT350 - how much should I deduct for my rear-end collision?

    No worries. No info sharing is bad. :fistbump:
  2. Selling my 2017 GT350 - how much should I deduct for my rear-end collision?

    Right. If the exchange is not done at the dealer as part of the same deal, you cannot get the tax benefit. Sounds like MI is different.
  3. Selling my 2017 GT350 - how much should I deduct for my rear-end collision?

    Thanks for the feedback, and I hop you're right. On the taxes, we're not talking the same thing. If you trade a car in to a dealer as part of purchasing another car, the calculated sales tax it [new car price - trade value] x tax rate. At 6.6%, a $46,000 trade saves me ~$3,300 in taxes.
  4. Selling my 2017 GT350 - how much should I deduct for my rear-end collision?

    I was hit from behind last year in a 5-10 mph accident. I have photos, insurance payout and parts replaced, etc. It was essentially the rear bumper cover and diffuser plastic parts. I need to trade or sell it in preparation for a new car order and I'm wondering how much of a hit I should be...
  5. Diminished value?

    PM sent
  6. Diminished value?

    Thanks for the help everyone. If anyone has access to auction prices and could share the current price for a 2017 non-R, I would greatly appreciate it.
  7. Diminished value?

    Despite my best efforts, I was rear-ended a couple of weeks ago. :( It was a two-lane road with a lot of construction and frequent, sudden stops. I was able to catch the guy in front of me stopping suddenly, but the car behind me was not able to stop in time. When I looked up and saw he was...
  8. Shifter rattle

    Thanks everyone - great feedback and knowledge as always!
  9. GT350 FORScan Tweaks

    LOL, I don't mind spending time with the common folks. ;) Thanks for the links!
  10. Shifter rattle

    I am having an issue where I get a very loud rattling in first and second gears, and I have located the source to the gear shift lever. I can mostly alleviate it by pulling up on the collar that locks out reverse, but it has been getting progressively louder. I only have 1500 miles on the car...
  11. GT350 FORScan Tweaks

    I'm about to buy a OBD unit, FORSCAN and a windows tablet to modify the settings on my '17 F150. I'd like to do the same for my GT350, but there doesn't appear to be a comprehensive list of the available changes on the Shelby. Am I understanding that right?
  12. Why are there so many low milelage used GT350's for sale?

    I'm interested in seeing that thread.
  13. Mileage

  14. Mileage

    I figured as much. I'm never 100% off throttle as I can't stop grinning at the BRAP-BRAP-BRAP-POP-POP-POP on slight throttle deceleration. That, and every time my little girl gets in all she says is "Go faster, daddy" or "You scared me! :D " when I do some 8k shifts from a stop light.
  15. Mileage

    What are you guys seeing as typical mileage for daily driving (excluding track time or things like mountain pass fun runs)? I typically range from 14-16 in most of my cars (911, M3, C63). I only have about 850-900 on the GT350 so far, but the computer is saying 12.8 average overall (and it...
  16. Miles til Empty - Results - Est 1/2 Gallon left at Zero

    Holy crap - did you fill up at the top of Mt. Rainier and coast all the way down? I haven't gotten more than 13-14 mpg yet.
  17. Homelink config

    I got mine to work yesterday using these instructions. I think mine is a Liftmaster.
  18. Homelink config

    While I'm at it, is there a way to have the car always start with the exhaust in "sport" mode?
  19. Homelink config

    What is the secret to programming the homelink buttons on this car? I tried following the owner manual instructions, but I can't figure it out. Programming my Tacoma and Porsches were so much easier.
  20. Admin help needed - password reset function does not send email

    I've been trying to reset my password for at least a couple of weeks now. I have tried roughly a half dozen times, but the site never sends a reset email to my email address. I'm only able to log in because one machine has one browser with the email stored in it. However, I can't change the...