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  1. PowerStop Z26 Rear Ceramic Brake Pads Are Available

    How come the Powerstop website does not list this rear pad for the GT500? I had these on my GT350 and want them on the 500.
  2. 2020+ base model wheel studs swap for carbon fiber wheels! (video)

    Great information. So I have a question. What about using standard wheels on a CFTP car. Are there lugs nuts that will make them work without changing the studs?
  3. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Thanks. I picked the wheel up here in the classifieds. Very happy with it. The knob is Billetworks.
  4. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    New wheel and knob.
  5. Any good cruising roads on Long Island, NY?

    Where are you on the Island? The North Shore eastern LI is probably your best bet.
  6. MRT Hood Struts

    @autobahnGT350 what was the final outcome?