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  1. Exhaust Tip question regarding all S550 Model Years

    Nope, the quad tips, started in 2018 are almost invisible. Two things I had to change right away... The Exhaust tips and stock GT wheels:
  2. Ford GT and Mustang GT had a baby- umm never seen this body kit before

    Looks good but for the front end (and the wheels too big). However, for the money, I'd buy a C8
  3. Not a fair comparison at all. CVT Civic vs. Mustang GT

    I hear you. I do miss that car, but I feel like I'm back to my roots in the Mustang. Actually, I gave the BMW to my son when he turned 16, but had to take it away from him. Too fast, too much trouble, bad grades...
  4. Not a fair comparison at all. CVT Civic vs. Mustang GT

    A few cars back, I had a 135I Convertible with a JB4 Tune. That was a sweet car. RWD, light and nimble, but fast as S**T... rode well too, and back seat more usable than my Mustang. I would highly recommend one! Love my Mustang though, and wish I had a bigger garage...
  5. Thinking of buying this

    The model year issue figured out, it looks really clean so if you think the price is right, get it and enjoy it! Terrific cars.
  6. Thinking of buying this

    Looks nice, but that looks like a 2017, not a 2018. Perhaps Europe is a year behind in updates? Also, the 2018s have a new Coyote (series III) motor with 25 more HP and a 10-speed auto trans.
  7. One year anniversary with 2018 GT Convertible.

    Today marks one year since I traded even with Shift, my 2012 Jaguar XK with 20k miles, for my 2018 GT convertible with 30K miles. I miss the refinement of the Jaguar, particularly the quality of the leather interior (which is to be expected in a $109K car), but I'm so much happier, and relaxed...
  8. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    I had to keep moving with the sun...
  9. What has owning a mustang taught you?

    That I love the looks, and don’t want anything else, but I’m not a fan of the Coyote motor.
  10. What has owning a mustang taught you?

    Gen III Coyote motors are annoyingly noisy up front
  11. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    I use a Griots G9 Random Orbital Polisher and Meguiars Ultimate Compound followed by Ultimate Polish (and Gold Class Carnuba wax). I have other compounds, polishes and glazes as well, but the Ultimate products are fool-proof and really safe. For light spotting, the Polish alone will work. An...
  12. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    Polished out stubborn water spots on my glass today...
  13. 2023 Florida Special Edition GT

    Thanks for the comments! I have tried to keep my mods to what would look factory and not go overboard. With the hood and rocker stripes, the two obvious choices for me were white and silver. I think white is more high-contrast and retro... Better for an '05-'14... Silver more subdued and...
  14. 2023 Florida Special Edition GT

    There's a lot of different Floridas, and they're very different. As a 60-year-old native Floridian who has lived everywhere in the state, I nominate my car as an example of a true Florida edition...
  15. How often do you get stopped…?

    I've had a lot of cool cars that have gotten a lot of comments. This one is right up there... Maybe the most commented on. It definitely has broader appeal across age-groups...
  16. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Its not bad. top up, some drone around 1700-2000 rpm just at throttle tip-in, like going up a steep hill and lugging a bit. Easily remedied with the A10. Top down it's not loud to me. Either way, you can have a conversation at most any time except those moments of drone. I don't have a go pro...
  17. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    It’s a bit loud to me, by my 20-year-old doesn’t think so… Some clips here:
  18. what do you think?

    Since you asked... Being 60 and "old School", I like white letters, but not on modern low-profile tires. Also, doesn't help an all-black wheel.
  19. That exhaust note is like Eve tempting Adam....

    I've been working on the sound and have a recent post elsewhere here with the latest iteration. Magnaflow resonated X-Pipe and C&L Sport Axle back. I think it's about as good as it gets tone-wise... Deep, not raspy, but drone from 1.5K-2K is pretty bad. I'm not willing to spend thousands on...