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  1. Vroom appraisal?

    I closed my deal with Vroom a few weeks ago.......they offered me $5K more than I paid back in October of 2019..........smooth deal and once my car was picked up I emailed a Bill Of Lading photo to 'em in Houston and I had my check via FedEx next day!! :thumbsup: :) Smooth deal and quite...
  2. South Carolina SOLD!! : QUICKJACK BL-5000-SLX (110-Volt AC)

    Thanks SonicBlur........the new owner is driving here from Alabama today to retrieve it!! :thumbsup: :) I started to keep it to use with my RAM 1500 but the truck is high enough that I can get under it on my creeper without raising I don't need it!!🤔 I agree....Quick Jacks are a...

    I sold my car Wednesday (8-11-21) and this is all that's left!! $65.00 For Both....Shipped to the lower 48!! Email: [email protected]
  4. South Carolina SOLD!! JLT OIL SEPARATOR (Fits '18-'21 GT)

    SOLD!! I installed this on my 2019 GT 5.0 Vert 800 miles ago and almost forgot to remove it before the car was picked up Wednesday (8-11-21)!! $140.00 shipped to the lower 48 and I'll even even throw in a spare FL-500S Filter I had for the next oil change!! Email: [email protected] SOLD
  5. South Carolina SOLD!! : QUICKJACK BL-5000-SLX (110-Volt AC)

    Hey Folks.....SOLD!! I sold my 2019 GT 5.0 Vert Wednesday (8-11-21) and have a slightly used (6 times maybe??) QUICKJACK BL-5000SLX (110-Volt AC) For Sale.....$800.00......LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!! Email me at: [email protected] if interested works GREAT.....FAST & SAFE!!
  6. Favorite Car You've Owned Besides Your Mustangs

    No damage and he was LUCKY!! When he got the car from me he ran it and beat his Mustang Race Car's lap time by a few seconds but he said it scared him 'cause it had waaaay more "GO" than "WHOA" so he put BIG BRAKES all around and shave more time but said he still couldn't run WOT down the front...
  7. Favorite Car You've Owned Besides Your Mustangs

    Thanks Cobra was a Classic Roadsters Kit.......had a 351W in it when I got it and I built the 408W Stroker......TORQUE MONSTER in a 2400# sled!! :wink: The kit was originally bought by a guy in Eastern Virginia but he became ill and the wife sold it to John York Sports Cars in...
  8. Favorite Car You've Owned Besides Your Mustangs

    My 1966 Cobra Replica with a 408W Stroker...."Four Wheeled Motorcycle".....WHAT A BLAST.... we had it 12 years and never got hurt....much!! :thumbsup:😲:wink:
  9. Your handle/name meaning and why?

    I live on the Coosaw River here in SC and my name is Jack....kinda makes sense CoosawJack......TADA!! :thumbsup: :wink:
  10. A Little COVID-19 Humor (No Politics Please!)

    This is spot on too!! :wink: :thumbsup: :sunglasses:
  11. Science is now cancelled?

    FYI......FWIW!! 🤔
  12. Science is now cancelled?

    FYI......the N-95 Masks are the BEST we can reasonably buy and they state right on the box ....NOT EFFECTIVE AGAINST COVID OR OTHER VIRUSES!!😲 Masks are simply used to hide our identity and make us all look like helpless MINIONS!!😡
  13. Does your Gen 3 Coyote V8 have oil consumption?

    Just did my 25K mile oil change........down 1/8" on dipstick after 5K miles........HAPPY so far!! :thumbsup: :)
  14. Borla S types installed!

    How do your neighbors like it?? :shock:
  15. PSA: New Calimer cocktail

    I've done a few 7K+ shifts with no problems but only 1-2, 2-3-and 3-4.............THAT'S FAST ENOUGH for me!! :shock:
  16. PSA: New Calimer cocktail

    Wonder why he changed?? 🤔 I have Redline DCTF in my 2019 MT82 and it seems fine!!:like:
  17. Can a case be made for leaving it bone stock?

    My sentiments exactly Mike!! :like: :sunglasses: I just cruised River Road to Yemassee and down to Pocotalago....back to my place with the top down....who needs "MODS" in a car this nice!!??🤔