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  1. Engine died at idle no start

    As long as your car was bought new and has a factory warranty still active on the car, it can still be bought back. There are different requirements that Ford RAV will follow by state though so I would look up your state's lemon laws just so you're familiar.
  2. South Carolina Power Stop Cross-Drilled and Slotted Rotors; Rear Pair

    Power Stop Evolution Rotors Part #: AR85160XPRBUY Link: With 6 Piston Front Calipers&p=Rear
  3. South Carolina Power Stop Cross-Drilled and Slotted Rotors; Rear Pair

    Have a set of brand new Power Stop rotors for sale that will fit all 15-20 GT, Ecoboosts, or V6. $95 Shipped.
  4. Engine died at idle no start

    Did the detailer clean the engine bay and/or possibly get water onto the air filter? I’m not sure if a “clunk” would be heard but would explain why the car wouldn’t start again if the engine was hydro locked.
  5. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Got any pics with the rims and/or from the front that shows the spoiler and mirror caps in the same pic? My type-oe spoiler comes in soon and wondering if I want those mirror caps to match
  6. Thought my motor was in trouble...

    Hey THX, was the sound similar to this video I posted? I would check but the dealer still has my car with no fix and i'm starting to wonder if this is it because it rattles at exactly 1500-2100 RPMs and then just stops.
  7. Strange Engine Bay Rattle

    That’s not the exhaust as the car was in normal mode to capture the rattle more clearly. But it does make the same noises in normal/sport exhaust valve modes.
  8. Strange Engine Bay Rattle

    Appreciate all the input, and although it’s hard to distinguish what’s going on over a video... someone else may have had the exact same problem and sounds just like you said. The noise is consistent in all gears at that RPM range. Also, the noise got significantly louder and more metallicy...
  9. Strange Engine Bay Rattle

    Haha I got SIRI set up in Australian mode for some reason.... Only when the car is in gear does it make the noise. Doesn't matter if it's cold or hot either. I read on another post that it could be the engine to clutch housing plate needing replaced/shimmed but that only rattles when the car is...
  10. Strange Engine Bay Rattle

    Car just started generating a weird rattle or vibration noise from 2k-4k rpm range while coasting or decel, any thoughts on what this might be? The car has been with Ford for several days and they're starting to think it may be engine top end related but wanted to see if anyone else had this...
  11. Official Resonator Delete Thread

    LTH x-pipe which can be bought from Lethal Performance. It has the exact same pipe diameter of 2.75 as the stock R resonator delete, and it's cheap.
  12. South Carolina OEM GT350 Track Spoiler

    Yeah, I'm open to offers to meet in Columbia, SC. Just PM me with an offer and we can work something out for this week.
  13. South Carolina OEM GT350 Track Spoiler

    Bump. $300 Shipped.
  14. Illinois WTB Gt350 car cover

    I'm not sure as the previous owner never mentioned that nor did I ask. I can do $200 shipped then. PM me if you're still interested.
  15. South Carolina OEM GT350 Track Spoiler

    $45 so we can work something out.
  16. Illinois WTB Gt350 car cover

    Oh btw here are some pics. I’ve never used it but there are some stains on the carrying case.
  17. Illinois WTB Gt350 car cover

    I’ll do $250 shipped. Seems to be what most people offer it for.
  18. Illinois WTB Gt350 car cover

    Hey, I still got mine that came with the car. Regular GT350.
  19. South Carolina OEM GT350 Track Spoiler

    Taken off the Shelby at 20k miles. No scratches, dents or scuffs. $300 Shipped **Doesn't include locking nuts