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  1. Front Splitter Help

    Soon I will try to make a video about it. Unfortunately I sold the car but i will piece together clips.
  2. Front Splitter Help

    No, it gets bolted onto the PP splitter. The package came with the necessary hardware.
  3. Front Splitter Help

    Hey guys! "Loscar5oh" is my channel. The splitter you are talking about is a Maxton Design splitter. I bought it from Europe and had it shipped over. I meant to make a video about it, but I kept forgetting lol.
  4. Texas *SOLD* Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers

    Coilovers are sold
  5. Texas *SOLD* Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers

    Hey, I got a sale pending at the moment. I will let you know.
  6. Texas *SOLD* Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers

    Coilovers were on vehicle for less than 500 miles, and will greatly increase handling versus stock. Fortune auto coilovers are hand built.
  7. Texas *SOLD* Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers

    Hello, for sale is a complete coilover kit from Fortune auto. These are the 500 series and are slightly used. Spring rates are 10K & 12K. I no longer need these as I sold my car. $900 obo plus shipping.
  8. Texas Roush coilovers - NEW

    Yes, still available
  9. Texas Roush coilovers - NEW

    Bump - *reduced price*
  10. Texas Roush coilovers - NEW

    Hello, I got a brand new set of Roush's single adjustable coilovers. They are in the original box. Nothing wrong with them, I am keeping my stock suspension. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks. *Asking price is $1000 plus shipping, OBO. Roush part number = 421839
  11. Georgia Brand new Roush Single Adjustable Coil Over Kit

    Whats the new price for these? shipped to zip 75020?
  12. Texas Roush Single Adjustable Coilovers

    Are these still available? What is the price?