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  1. 2021 GT rear body leak

    I hate to hear that. I had to get the dealer on mine twice but all seams good now. Before you leave the dealership when they are done with it make them put it to a hose test while you are watching, that is what i had to do before I left the second time. Are they going to reimburse you for the...
  2. 2021 GT rear body leak

    Make sure they get the bottom corners really good haha
  3. 2021 GT rear body leak

    They took the glass out to do the original body seam seal. Then as a result of taking it out and putting it back they didn't get the bottom corner sealed. A bit of urethane they said and it's better than new haha.
  4. 2021 GT rear body leak

    Got it back today. I have run the water hose to it 2 times now and no leaks. After sealing the panels when the rear window was put back in the bottom corner didn't get sealed correctly They resealed it and now no leaks!
  5. 2021 GT rear body leak

    Sounds good. On a side note my car also has a paint issue on the trunk. The black appearance pack spoiler is rubbing the paint off the trunk....has anyone had this issue? Might as well through all my problems out there 😄
  6. 2021 GT rear body leak

    That looks like the same place I pulled all my interior in the trunk out for better visibility. My car is currently at the dealership waiting on the water specialist now. I have a video but it wo t let me put it on here.
  7. 2021 GT rear body leak

    I have a 2021 Mustang GT that is having a leaking issue into the trunk. Looks like water is coming in through the body seams under the passenger corner of the rear window. I took it to the dealer they took the rear window out and seam sealed it. Picked it up today 3 days later and it is still...