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  1. Service Advancetrac light coming on during Autocross run

    Interesting. First I have heard of this plug. Anyone have a picture of where it is located? My car is all wrapped up for winter so won't be able to quickly check where it is.
  2. Service Advancetrac light coming on during Autocross run

    I have had this issue before with autocross. I have all babysitters turned off. I attribute it to the car moving violently left, right, gas, brake and it seems to through the stability control into a fit. Even with everything turned off it still did it. Restarting the car fixed it, only to...
  3. S550 styles I have not seen on the road...

    I live on an Island in the Pacific (Canada) and I see these regularly. Not so much now in the Winter but come spring they are everywhere.
  4. Rear Caliper malfunction!

    They should naturally spring to the "off" position. you can watch the shaft move in and out when you move the little lever.
  5. Coolant Leak. What caused this? And whats the part caled? Dont wanna take it to the dealer

    Could be the y pipe off the engine thermostat leaking, common. Your pic shows a weep more than a leak from what I see.
  6. Rear Caliper malfunction!

    It has been awhile since I did mine. Sounds like the ebrake lever on the caliper is not orientated correctly. There are 3 ball bearings in the base of the brake caliper bore that ride up a small ramp when you pull the brake handle. If it is not in the resting spot of these ramps when fully...
  7. McLeod RST

    I'm willing to bet the floating plate is no longer flat and has become cone shaped. Hope you can report back what you find.
  8. Flywheel replacement??

    Big no no to do by hand. Needs to be done on a blanshard grinding machine by a machinist! minimal material removal required by the looks of your flywheel, unless you went too deep by hand.
  9. 2019 Shelby GT350R cursed

    I get 10 times more compliments and offers to try and buy when I drive this, over my 2015 track prepped GT.
  10. Broken flex plate

    First I will have heard of it. Only seen it once before personally on a 1979 Civic.
  11. Canada - BC Rare GT350R FOR SALE

    Looks like you are on the Westcoast, maybe even near Pat Bay on the island from the pictures. I am in Sidney. Wicked set up. If my investment comes through I could come knocking. Ha, I see BC plates and I know exactly where you took those pics. Funny I have never seen your car on the road...
  12. 2015 Mustang GT Clutch Question

    Personally I don't care for the McLeod dual clutch. That said, if you are only street use with occasional "spririted" driving, the RST should be good. I really liked the light pedal feel. For me, it couldn't take the thrashing of a road course. Excedy Mach 500 is in my car now and I have...
  13. Best Clutch for HPDE and Open track days?

    Me too. Must just be luck of the draw.
  14. Best Clutch for HPDE and Open track days?

    Curious what RPM you shift at on the track? On average I guess.
  15. Buy a new Mach 1 or a used GT350?

    I am looking to get rid of my 15 GT that has been great both on the street and the road courses. I need more get up and go. Always wanted a GT350, as they just sound awesome passing me under WOT on the straights. Of course now they are no longer in production. Still kicking myself for not...
  16. Stock clutch durability?

    Somewhere on here that was asked and the answer seemed to come back no, they are not compatible. Doesn't surprise me.
  17. Best Clutch for HPDE and Open track days?

    Stock clutch is crap in the 15-17. Mine lost it at a high RPM shift at only 20k KMS on it. At that point of the clutch's life, it had no track days and only spirited street use. I didn't even do any hard burnouts, didn't want to roast my tires. Well actually it had one lap on a track, at its...
  18. Best Clutch for HPDE and Open track days?

    I've said it on here several times that the RST is no good for track use and people all say "you can't drive a standard". PFFF, what ever. Excedy Mach 500 with lightened billet steel flywheel and haven't looked back. I've beat the crap out of the clutch on the track and zero issues.
  19. Throttle Body Issue (P2112 Code)

    Yes, limp mode but only on the track. Not going to dealer, not under warranty. They will never figure it out. I can hear them now "unable to recreate the issue".