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  1. Maryland SkyPro GPS XGPS160

    Great unit, same one I have and works awesome with the Track Addict app.... GLWS price is solid.
  2. Official APEX Wheels Showroom Gallery Thread

    Finally got my car back on the ground.. here are my SM-10’s. 18 x 10 square setup on 275/35/18. -2.5 camber up front and -1.9 rear.
  3. Suspension Settings

    Thank you for the detailed settings. That gives me a good baseline to start with and then fine tune it as I go.
  4. Suspension Settings

    Hello, I need a little advice/direction. So I’ve added a lot of adjustability to my suspension with mainly Steeda parts. Front camber plates with the strut tower opened up. Upgraded control arms, tensions links and bump steer kit on Steeda pro action adjustable struts F/R. Steeda sway bars...
  5. Wisconsin Ecoboost Part-Out

    I'm interested in the exhaust setup. It looks like you can keep it full 3" turbo back with the pipe from the downpipe to the y-pipe right? The one section with the V Band flange? If that's the case send me a PM and we can figure something out.
  6. California FS: New Purge Valve

    yes, still available
  7. California FS: New, sealed Mishimoto Oil Cooler

    decided not to install one at all, the upgrade radiator and 160 thermostat should be enough.
  8. California FS: New, sealed Mishimoto Oil Cooler

    Bought new for $513 + tax. New, sealed. Ended up going a different route with the car. $450 shipped. Here is the direct description from Mishimoto: Mishimoto 15 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Non-Thermostatic Oil Cooler Kit - Silver. For the first time in over 30 years, the iconic Ford Mustang is...
  9. California FS: New Purge Valve

    Ended up keeping my modified purge valve I use with the Turbosmart BRA. New, updated version. $30 shipped.
  10. Brembo 6-piston Caliper on Base 2018 GT 400A

    Thats the exact kit I used when I ordered my Bullitt Brembos from Steeda... Check out Rock Auto. Half the price of CJ's.
  11. Track Tires

    Thanks everyone for all the awesome info, I have a direction I can go in now…. Excited to finally get these on the car and put some laps in!
  12. Track Tires

    Thanks, I was looking at folks with direct experience with tires for this application. I’ve looked on tire rack, just looking for feedback from someone directly on our platform.
  13. Track Tires

    Hello, I ordered my tires 3 months ago and was under the impression they were waiting for me. Ordered them from Les Schwab, Goodyear Supercar 3R 275/40/18. Running Apex SM-10 18x10 square. Was told they are still on order with no ETA. So what would be a good comparable tire under $250. Mainly...