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  1. Kentucky 18+ GT350 steering wheel

    All, I have a really mint 18+ Gt350 steering wheel for sale.. It probably has around 4000 miles of drive time on it and looks new with 0 fade or blemishes. $350.00
  2. Fastest N/A gt350 1/4 mile?

    Hey all, Just curious what’s the fastest you all have heard or seen a ALLMOTOR/NA gt350 going in the 1/4 mile at a drag strip? And I know the car is not set up for drag racing and there are better platforms to do so.. I don’t care I enjoy back road driving and I’m an old school stick shift...
  3. Kentucky WTB: gt350 starter part # fr3z-11002-D...

    Yeah man I’m sure I was over tightening it since I just came off of tightening the header bolts 😟 I have some water proof JB weld I’ve had on it for a couple days drying.. If that dosent work I’ll def look into the pegaTanke.. Much appreciated my man i appreciate the info..
  4. Kentucky WTB: gt350 starter part # fr3z-11002-D...

    As title says WTB: gt350 starter part # fr3z-11002-D... Broke terminal over tightening it so on the hunt if anyone knows of one used or new for sale.. Thank you Stephen Jessie
  5. N/A gt350 1/4 mile et’s?

    All, I know I’m gonna get the “you bought the wrong car” blah blah blah lol but just curious how fast you all have seen any N/A gt350’s run in the 1/4? Anyone out there run 10’s yet FBO n/a? Seems like I’ve seen a few on YouTube run in the 11’s but that’s about it..
  6. Kentucky 19 Mustang GT A10

    19 Mustang GT 38,926miles,A10 trans just serviced with new filter and fluid at 36,200.. Oil changed every 3k.. Garage kept.. Has mild bolt on mods with all factory parts as well.. 1-7/8 Longtube headers w/vibrant stainless V-Band collectors.. Ford Motorsport x-Pipe AirRaid drop in Filter Short...
  7. Broken crankshaft

    Any of you all that’s broke cranks using that new kinetic ARP crank bolt set up? Also what options do we have in stronger aftermarket cranks to keep from this happening?
  8. Broken crankshaft

    I’ve always felt without a support on that stage 2 set up it’s either gonna flex the crank enough to break it or flex it to bind the oil pump gears and break them.. Never the less I’m sure with enough tension a 6 rib could break one as well but if I had to gamble I’d say the 6 rib being back on...
  9. Broken crankshaft

    So a side from the crank snout being not as strong as we like is there a possibility that hanging the 8 rib pulley 2.5 inches off the end of it could also be a problem without a support? I mean how many 6 rib pulley set ups that run the stock balancer have broke a crank?
  10. Comp oil less turbos

    Awesome thank you sir much appreciated!
  11. Comp oil less turbos

    Thank you sir for the info
  12. Comp oil less turbos

    Thank you sir much appreciated! That’s def the information I was hoping to hear.. If you don’t mind me asking what turbos are you running and what kind of power are you making?
  13. Comp oil less turbos

    All, Considering switching set ups so my question is what kind of luck are some you having with these newer generation Comp oil less turbos? Like how many miles have you put on a set? Do you beat on them and spin them at their efficiency range etc etc? Seems like they make power but is it a...
  14. 18 GT A10 Procharger 4.25in pulley

    You running a crank brace/support on that set up? I assume it’s a stage 2 8rib?
  15. Aftermarket 21 Mach 1 front bumper

    All, Checking to see if any of you know anyone making a aftermarket Mach 1 front bumper replica for 18-21 GT? Or is anyone selling the oem Mach 1 bumper at discount?
  16. Added new coolent now no heat

    Yes I just brought up to temp first then did a rpm cycle where I would hold the RPMs at 3k for 30 sec at a time.. waited probably 2 min in between cycles and did that 4 times.. after doing so heat was back at 100% and the coolent dropped in the tank A touch where the air was pushed out and I...
  17. Added new coolent now no heat

    All, Just installed the Procharger thermostat housing and added coolent back into the coolent tank. Once I started the car back I noticed the heat is not working so great unless I give the engine extra RPM’s. I’m assuming I have some air somewhere in the coolent passage. Any tips on bleeding...
  18. Kentucky WTB gt350 tech pack spoiler

    If anyone has one I’m very interested in buying one Thanks Stephen Jessie