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  1. Opinion's -> STEEDA vs BMR suspension parts... who to choose?

    Steeda all the way. I have my Mustang set up for road courses and am extremely happy with the ride (read my signature for chassis/suspension upgrades). NO wheel hop and just the slightest body roll in tight corners at high speed.
  2. Lowering Springs for a DD

    Do not put Sportlines on a DD or any type driving unless you want to upgrade your steering and suspension to accommodate the geometry change. I have Sportlines but have spent $$$$ setting my car up for road and track use. Read my signature list. Also, if you change springs you'll want to upgrade...
  3. Do Koni Shocks tend to Squeak when new?

    No they shouldn't squeak and don't put anything on the shafts that will attract dirt.
  4. Air Filter: to K&N or not to K&N for my '19 EB?

    K &N advertising claims are snake oil.
  5. Vortech Intercooler

    I recently retired and moved from western Washington to Southern Arizona. Yesterday I loaded my PD tune V1.2 and hit the roads (in Mexico of course)to test performance. Without trying I was hitting 23 lbs. of boost and 309HP. After several hard pulls over an hour and speeds beyond 100mph...
  6. Is it ok to tune a new ecoboost?

    That's about the size of the Ford intercooler.
  7. Is it ok to tune a new ecoboost?

    Before you tune you need a real intercooler. The OEM intercooler is a POS and you will heatsoak very quickly with "spirited" driving. I'd also go with a good drop in air filter.
  8. Mustang ecoboost Turbo upgrade

    Stock?? Before you do anything with the turbo you need to install a real intercooler.
  9. How much horsepower and torque does a CVFab Catted Downipe, MBRP Catback Exhaust, and Tuneplus Upgraded Wastegate add?

    Ditch the CAI and put the stock box back in with a drop in dry filter and then put it on a Dyno. A custom tune would help too.
  10. Koni Yellow adjustable struts(Instruction manual)

    If you're going to go with Sportlines you'll have to address bumpsteer.
  11. Another owner changes to solid lug nuts...........

    When you're on the road or track going 125mph you'll have peace of mind you have Gorilla's.
  12. Stop the hop shows the ride

    My signature might look like a Steeda ad but I am extremely happy with my Stop-the Hop kit. NO wheel hop, the car just launches.
  13. Pet Peve Wheels called "Rims"

    Hey no problem. I retired late May and am on a 4 month trip in the motorhome. It was raining like hell and I was stuck inside so there you have it. A boredom killer post.
  14. Pet Peve Wheels called "Rims"

    No, the rim of the wheel is what the bead of the tire expands to when air is pumped into the tire. Guessed you missed High School auto shop.
  15. Pet Peve Wheels called "Rims"

    Hence the term "steel wheels".
  16. Pet Peve Wheels called "Rims"

    Granted I'm a dyed in the wool gearhead going back to the late 70's. But you put a tire on a wheel and a wheel has a rim. Why do people call wheels 'rims"??
  17. Upgrading axle to catback, worth it?

    Take it to a muffler shop and remove the section from the downpipe to the resonators and install the same size pipe as the downpipe.