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  1. Indiana Fs - SCT BDX tuner

    You can message me on Facebook for easier response.
  2. Indiana Fs - SCT BDX tuner

    Ok have an offer? I will.cover fees for PayPal, and cover shipping.
  3. Florida SCT BDX tuner unmarried w/ Boomba Sound Tube Delete

    I just listed one for sale as well.
  4. Virginia SCT BDX / Rev X Tuner 200 shipped

    I have one available I just listed
  5. Indiana Fs - SCT BDX tuner

    selling my hardly used sct BdX it has 4 vin unlocks still available . Was used 3 times 2018 mustang gt, I sold the car so don't need it anymore as I bought a fox body. Whats some offers?!?! Highest price wins!
  6. Afr reading

    Ok that's awesome then. So it's more of a better thing. Of either the quality or safety aspect. And shouldn't worry about any detonation. Or problems then I'm assuming?
  7. Afr reading

    Ok thank you for the clarification. So pretty much without looking deeply into it. With my lower afr (being in the high 8s low 9s) means the e 85 is just ehh I'm guessing and not quite 85% ethanol??
  8. Afr reading

    Also. Does that mean the higher the E percentage. The lower the afr? Or is that completely irrelevant?
  9. Afr reading

    So your saying on e 85 that is totally normal and nothing really to worry about then? As long as it stays around high 8s to 9.x amounts??
  10. Afr reading

    Wow that is crazy! Have u checked before or was this the first time really .this is only my second fill up of e85 .never checked the e percent on them, but they are used widely around my area.
  11. Afr reading

    Hey guys a little confused on this. After getting my car tuned and having the first tune of the e 85 tune on it, noticing that my afr has been reading about 8.7-9.1 while driving. When I let off gas. And coast. It goes to 20. Then drops back down to the 8.7ish when idling .is there something...
  12. Recommendations on tuning

    What really?!?! Wow!!! And ya it keeps going up. Aed is the cheapest right now for 649 that I have found . I like $450 alot better lol .How well are they known in the 18+ GT market? Reputable?
  13. Recommendations on tuning

    Ya I have looked at the top main 3. Being PBD, Lund. And AED. And ya I see the specials .then I go out in that I need the e 85 tune .usually an extra (1-200$) and that it's an auto. Again an extra 1-200$ and it's a quick 800 lol .So that is the norm tho. Ok just making sure. Hope it drops soon...
  14. Recommendations on tuning

    Been wanting to tune for e 85, have been looking at the big tuners. But having a A10 mustang and wanting the flex fuel tune is crazy just around 800$ for a custom tune is that the norm right now? Seems outrageous to me . Anyone got a plug or hook up that isn't so ridiculous. Or is that really...
  15. Calling all black car owners

    Hey guys need some help. I have been having so much trouble spray waxing my mustang since I bought it in April. My first ever black car. I religiously used meguiars quik wax after every wash when I had my orange mustang and loved it .Now this black one is a whole new world. It leaves tons of...
  16. Looking for help with suspension

    Have never really done any suspension upgrades to my cars. With BMR having the 15% off for black Friday, was finally gonna pull the trigger on a few things. My question being, I know poly isn't as good as the derlin or spherical bearings, but is it that bad? The price is half of the other two...
  17. Driving in S mode

    Oh ok, nice. I don't know I was just verifying that sport mode is ok. Like I said I drive it in that car 24/7. Street or highway.
  18. Driving in S mode

    Hey guys, does anyone know if it's actually ok to always drive in S mode? I have base model 18gt and I put the gear selector in S mode. For the loud backfire on engine braking lol, and it's much funner to drive. Out of the 1875 miles on there 1874 have been driven in S mode lol. Wondering if...