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  1. Massachusetts Ford Racing super 8.8 ring and pinion install kit

    It is part number is on the box in the pic...
  2. Massachusetts Ford Racing super 8.8 ring and pinion install kit

    I have a Ring and pinion install kit for the 2015-21 mustang 8.8 rear end. New I bought two sets this set is not needed. If your swapping gears you will need this kit. Fits all Super 8.8" IRS axles in 2015-2021 Mustang Note: does not fit earlier 1986-2014 8.8” axles Includes: OEM pinion...
  3. Massachusetts Modern Billet shifter knobs

    I have a pair of modern billet shift knobs one is polished shift ball the other is Gt350 designed. Both work on either gt, ecoboost or v6 models. (Note: would use jam nut for the gt350 on ecoboost shifters to get correct alignment) $35 shipped for pair.. (continental us shipped only)
  4. Massachusetts *SOLD* Cobb AP Ecoboost Mustang

    I am selling my Cobb AP for Ecoboost Mustangs, I traded my car and no longer need it. Comes with original box, accessory carry case, cables, car mount, and Cobb AP (Unmarried) $415 obo shipped
  5. Massachusetts 2018 GT Intake manifold

    I have a 2018 Intake manifold from a GT I had installed a supercharger on for a dude, he abandoned the intake at my house and left me holding the bag on supplies purchased to do his install which was labor free. So I'm selling it since he has ghosted me since Jun 1st =) The car had around 28K...
  6. Massachusetts *SOLD* Ecoboost Mustang intercooler pipes $160 shipped

    I am selling a cold and hot side charge pipe kit, it is new and has not been installed, its powdercoated cold side pipe has provision for methanol bung, comes with all silicon couplers, vband clamps. Kit is from Depo Racing and it looks identical in fit and finish to the Mishimoto kit I...
  7. Massachusetts *SOLD* UPR Dual port Catch Can - Ecoboost Mustang - $175 shipped -New

    I have a new never installed UPR dual catch can for sale, it has the big boy 100PSI check valve in it, retail is $322 looking for $178 shipped - or best reasonable offer on price.
  8. Another Recent Blown Ecoboost Engine

    Gunna say it, whenever I read here is my lengthy mod list and I have never pushed it before, I get really suspicious as those to things are not usually together. Hard to believe.
  9. 2020 Mustang Order Guide Attached

    I say remove the passenger seat altogether...
  10. Mustang Bullitt vs Civic Type R // Clash Of Cultures // Throttle House

    I am in no way picking on the civic with a Mustang bias, just stating the pony car is way more practical than they make it out to be. The design aesthetics aside the civic is just a civic with more power and window dressings. They over did the body kit and should have edited better.
  11. Mustang Bullitt vs Civic Type R // Clash Of Cultures // Throttle House

    One thing I love to point out to people who complain about my 16 Mustang as far as daily livability, the trunk is fairly spacious, I have loaded that thing with tons of stuff and never have any issues, then the seats go down. As far as the back seat, what back seat I use it all for storage...
  12. Massachusetts Ecoboost 3" 304 stainless Turboback exhaust **back up for sale** .

    This exhaust is back up for sale, yet another sale has come up short... please serious buyers..

    Are you providing just the calipers front and rears? Or are you providing the slide pins, pads and rotors too?
  14. Massachusetts Precision / Turbonetics NX2 Drop-In Stock Location Turbo *NEW* with extras

    It is the same if you take the catch can or not, these are just extras and they do not add or remove from the price. The turbo itself was over $2400 with tax and shipping. The catch can as you know is over $250 + $50 with the upgraded check valve, and the new return and feed lines were $165...