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  1. Spun my GT PP1 on the strip

    I have dragraced stock vehicles down to as fast as 8.79 at 154 mph. I have had the fast car sideways seriously three times at speeds of 125 and 150 mph. My input to anyone interested is NEVER try and drive it out. The instant you feel the car make a move, the run is junk. My suggestion is LIFT!!
  2. Spun my GT PP1 on the strip

    Your adventure points to an issue with pp1 Stang's. They handle well, but get out of shape and out of control easily for my taste. Blame it partly on my lack of performance driving skills I suppose. The torsen diff is unforgiving with even a small amount of power when making a low speed turn...
  3. Mostly Stock - 11.55 @ 121.5

    Minimum gain of .25 sec and 3+ mph for e85. The shift logic for the A10 is part of it, combined with the big gains from corn make it really run! I gained 4 mph and .38 ET reduction on mt 19 A10 pp1 car. Different tracks and a bit better prep on the faster run.
  4. Lund Tune N/A Worth it?

    12.28 at 114.8 stock 2019 a10 pp1 base. Flex tune E85 stock air intake went 11.90 at 119 mph in worse air. Went to cat deletes, now i have serious traction issues. No track time with cat deletes, but gain in power was VERY evident. Said to be 15 to 22 hp? Felt like more than 22hp!
  5. How to race my 19 GT a10 pp1 with lund flexfuel+e85?

    Lund set the rrans tune up for best ET in drive/normal mode. No need to do anything beyond turn off traction control. I agree for multiple runs on a poorly prepped track or on the street that better tires are a must. But budget got hit hard( $8000? ) when i hurt the block in my drag car, so i...
  6. How to race my 19 GT a10 pp1 with lund flexfuel+e85?

    I have stop the hop kit plus vertical links. Wheelhop was non exisrant. I left at idle since i am on e85 with 3.55 gears. Traction was good, no excessive spin felt. Later runs trying any stall apeed at all and spin was instant and . 3 to .5 worse et. It was obvious track prep was quickly...
  7. How to race my 19 GT a10 pp1 with lund flexfuel+e85?

    A flexfuel tune from lund goes fastest in drive. Shift points in drag mode were way too high. I couldn't use much stall at all or spin was instant. I got one good pass. I was the second car down the track and went 1.903 60 ft, 11.90 et at 119 mph. After other cars ran, traction was so bad i gave...
  8. What should first bolt-on be 2020 GT PP1

    I did the basic Steeda " Stop the Hop" kit. Then went lund Ngauge flexfuel e85. Very big change! Next, if you are willing, would be cat delete with or without longtube headers. I went with just cat delete pipes. I am guessing i am up about 60 hp at this point.
  9. MAK cat delete install, my experiance

    2019 GT, i removed the cats for racing only, of course My first issue was trying to get the passenger side cat and pipe removed. The instructions said to use a curved wrench or go from the topside with a very long extension and swival socket to remove the nut from the topside of the exhaust...
  10. Gt350 half shaft for drivers side. Price?

    Looking for a decent price on the left. Side half shaft from a gt 350?
  11. Left side gt350 half shaft, best price?

    I just called whitebear ford in MN and they wanted almost $400!! Anybody selling the left side only for $200 or less?
  12. Drag 5.0 from Ford; lets tell them how to build it!

    I ask that if you desire to see a response to the competition, give us a run down on what you want. I would appreciate the post sticking to that.
  13. Drag 5.0 from Ford; lets tell them how to build it!

    That is a great concept. Dodge offers the 1320 which is 6.4 485 hp. Plus the SUPER STOCK which is a blown 6.2. Two price points, equals more sales!!
  14. Drag 5.0 from Ford; lets tell them how to build it!

    They took the blown motor frm the Demon and put it in a chalenger that is streetable, waranteed, can be licensed and driven on the street. Everything they could do to make it run a fast 1/4 mile they looked at and did if it would still be srreetable.
  15. Drag 5.0 from Ford; lets tell them how to build it!

    Since Dodge sells the SS car factory stock running mid/low tens as it rolls off the dealers lot, Ford needs to build them, and like dodge, build as many as they can sell!
  16. Drag 5.0 from Ford; lets tell them how to build it!

    Then be sure those same folks get a view of the competition. We want our Drag 5.0 to stomp any and all comers!
  17. Drag 5.0 from Ford; lets tell them how to build it!

    Very stout motor but the blower plus the 7.3 will add almost 300 lbs to the front of a stock GT. Could be done though, move battery to the back, other weight saving things to give the combo a proper weight balance.
  18. Drag 5.0 from Ford; lets tell them how to build it!

    Dodge came out with a model called 1320, Ford needs to eespond with a DRAG 5.0 model! My concept car; 5.0 or 5.2 motor with a blower from the GT500, forged pistons and better rods, pushng the same horsepower Or more than the 500. E85 compatable with pumps and injecters that will allow an e85...
  19. Et gains, cat delete, versus longtube ane offroad pipe?

    Thanks SKYRM! That is exactly the feedback i was looking for! Do you have a date time and racetrack info so i can check Density online for weather data? Much appreciated!
  20. Et or power gains from removing cats, versus longtube catless headers?

    I am considering two options to increase power on my 2019 a10 pp1 GT. I ran 11.903 at 119.13 with stock tires, a lund flex fuel tune and e85 at 1501 DA. My next step will be exhaust mods. So i ask about gains from offroad pipe( remove cats) or a full Texas Speed 1 7/8 lt catless setup. Either...